CPAP and sleep apnea

  1. CPAP and sleep apnea

    Is anyone here on one of these machines? I've had trouble sleeping for years and finally decided to go to the Doc. I did the sleep-over thing and apparently have moderate sleep apnea.

    I'm kind of excited - there appear to be several studies showing improved mood, cognitive ability, and hormonal profile after starting CPAP.

    Can anyone here back that up?

  2. my father's on that machine ... its like a turbo charger .. a forced induction machine .. he says he wakes up feeling far more refreshed and he doesn't snore anymore ... he also had sleep apnea and he had his uvulea (sp) removed (the hangy ball in your throat)

  3. i Used to work with a girl who among other things had to wear a machine when she was sleeping...( she was mildly handicapped) .......She used to love wearing it, ( we told her it was her space suit) and she was always in a good mood in the morning, she woke up with all this energy..........

  4. I did the sleep study and the I couldn't stand to have the thing on my nose.. so I haven't got it yet..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    I did the sleep study and the I couldn't stand to have the thing on my nose.. so I haven't got it yet..
    I go back Saturday night for the second sleep study. Apparently they plan to hook up the CPAP and play around with the pressures to see how I react and thereby find the right setting. If I understood the nurse correctly I had 45 apneas in just under six hours, so roughly 7 or 8 an hour, with each one lasting at least ten seconds.

    I'm actually very excited about it really... I don't see this as some sort of burden. I want to know what I've been missing in terms of quality sleep. From physique standpoint there may also be some benefit due to the improved hormonal profile and perhaps a little better recovery - maybe enough to give me a pound or two more muscle and a little less fat over the course of year.

    Now, all I need to do is find some sort of "anabolic aerosol" that I can feed into the machine...

  6. Just be careful where they put that monitor for your O2 output.. the little metal device from hell... it got inside my nostril and bugged me to the point, I got up and left after three hours of having the damn thing dig into my nose and me askig to have the mask adjusted..


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