Mathew D ....waterlogged/water43

  1. Mathew D ....waterlogged/water43

    Mathew D , i had to reregister as water43 because i forgot my psswrd and now have a new e- mail address,but i was registered as watterlogged. could i get my posts back and my pm's reinstated under my new screenname ?

  2. why did you have to reregister?

  3. well a month or so ago, i got a new computer and also a new internet service prov./dsl.and forgot to change my e-mail addy in my profile, then the other day i deleted cookies and temp. internet files and then the am site wouldnt let me in without logging in i tried to log in but forrgot my psswrd and the sight wouldnt recognize my new e-mail addy and i couldnt use the old[to get psswrd] one because i no longer have access so i had to re-register. oh if you cant give my number of posts back could you at least let me have my pm privledges back because i do use it often to talk to DR. D a lot...thanks

  4. let me see what I can do about getting that...

  5. let me see what I can do about getting that...
    I need you to me an email with all your old info and the new info make sure you include your old email and your new email... and I will attempt to get it fixed for you...

  6. Done.. I edited you post to remove your email

  7. Check and see if I got this situation straight now...

  8. everything is ok now. no need to do anything else. thanks water43.

  9. yeah , i talked to water43 and everything is ok


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