How bout this Sh!t! (I mean piss!)

  1. How bout this Sh!t! (I mean piss!)

    Now I know India is pretty weird in their worship of cows, but come on!

  2. so so gross


    mmm... for that fresh, clean, manure feeling every time you brush!

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  4. yeah the toothpaste is rediculous. And other countries think that we do some crazy ****???

  5. Hell, a month's supply is only a little more than a dollar. Count me in!

  6. I'm going to wait until CNW or someone carries it in bulk. That way I can buy a quart at a time and save some pennies!


  7. lovely, I'd need a crowbar to pry the women off with that!

  8. Some people in India and other parts of the world drink there own urine. They believe that by drinking the urine it helps combat diseases, infection, etc and is a helpful way to detoxic the body. This is often referred to as urine therpay.

  9. I'd also like to point out that I'm sure some of the stuff we do and consider normal is probably very disgusting to them as well. Drinkinig cow urine isn't so bad when you consider the fact that so many people use legal/illegal drugs like candy.
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  10. The worship of animals is odd to say the least.

    But, my company (a large one rolling in dough but nonetheless cheap as hell for everyone but the execs) will only allow 1st class flight in one country in the world.

    I bet you can guess which one.... Apparently coach and even business class flights in India can have animals in them. I thought that was wild.
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    brings a whole new light to the term "Golden Showers"


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