How can I gain weight without carbohydrates?

  1. How can I gain weight without carbohydrates?

    Hello my name is Brandon, I am 23 years old. Im about 5'10 and I weigh a sad 135 pounds. Ive gained maybe 5 pound since high school and have always been a stringbean. I lift weights 3 to 4 times per week and usually like to do heavy lifting with few reps. I am pretty proud of where I stand at the gym seeing that I can keep up with a lot of my friends who are much bigger than me. I am very lean with very little body fat which makes me look pretty ripped but when I look in the mirror I am just not happy with how skinny I look. I would be very happy with myself if I could even gain 15 pounds. Now, heres the catch. About a year ago I was carboloading extremely trying to gain weight and I gained about 5 pounds in 2 weeks which I was happy with. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. This meant that I was not allowed to eat any carbs and had to follow the "caveman" diet which consists of only meats and veggies. Since I couldnt eat carbs anymore I started to eat more protein. I eat around 70-90 grams of protein a day along with all my veggies. I normally try to eat at least 4 eggs a day also and drink my casine protein (low carb protein). I lost the 5 pounds that I gained when carboloading and now maintain a steady 135. I do notice that I have been gaining muscle because each week I am lifting a little more than the last week. Still do not seem to gain muscle weight though. I was wondering if anyone knew what I could do to gain some pounds, Ive tried many things and nothing seems to work.

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    Simple answer is more calories. Your protein can come up to 1g/lb for starters.
    Easy to add calories with fats, nuts, nut butters, oils, etc.

    That being said I find it irregular that you were told to avoid ALL carbohydrates
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  3. Thanks, Ill try to bring my protein intake to 135 grams a day. Ill have to research some foods that I could buy to increase my calorie intake. And I also found it hard to believe that I couldnt have any carbs and wanted to tell my doctor to F off but when I started seeing a nutritionist she told me the same thing and when I started following her diet plan I felt much better. Thanks for the response.
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    They recommended cutting out vegetables and fruits higher in carbs as well? Beans, peas, potatoes, etc. ?

    To simultaneously add protein and fats try red meats or fatty fish. Salmon would be a healthy option
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  5. Yes they cut out some carb rich veggies such as potatoes, some beans, and most fruits besides apples because of the fiber in the skin. I try to eat a lot of steak and venison but I love salmon and dont eat as much fish as I should so I will try to add that into diet some more. Thanks

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    Food you wont get sick of? Fats are delicious and calorie dense, experiment!

    Mix your shakes in coconut milk not water

    sauté veggies in butter. cook meats in oil. fattier meat cuts. Oil and vinaigrette salad dressings.

    Read some logs from keto dieters for meal ideas
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  7. Thanks for the help. I'm making a list of things I need to add to my diet. I was just wondering what my calorie per day goal should be

  8. Maybe you have a gluten allergy that is undiagnosed.

  9. Cage free eggs. I eat a dozen a day. They're richer in Omega 3s and vitamins. I eat like you right now since I'm cutting, but I'm planning on continuing when I'm bulking again.

    Nuts, avacados, coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter. All great fats to add and increase calories.

  10. Peanut butter if you can eat it do so by the table spoon wonderful stuff natty pb!!
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  11. You can try to change the constitution by Chinese traditional medicine.


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