1. Headphones

    Play a huge part, but when u forget them it's like an invitation for someone to walk up, no matter what ur doing and ask what do u take! GTFA. Don't get me wrong I'll help someone with some knowledge but not during a work out lol really? Even when I first started lifting i never did that. I know 95% of people who lift and know what there doing has had this happen.

  2. It doesn't bother me. Usually It is someone complimenting me and then asking my advice. I remember how uncomfortable I used to be in the gym when I was small and didn't know what I was doing. I would see big guys who knew what they were doing and I always looked up to them. The last thing I would ever want to do is have a guy who looks up to me now come up to me and I be a dick to him.

  3. I'm not saying I'm a dick to them I stop and give them advice but by the time were done I'm cold and heart rate is down.. I never deny someone question for advice there's times I just want to say I'll be done in 45 mins then we can talk then. But like u say I don't want to come off as a dick.

  4. And the first post was about 2 guys around 5'10 130 ask me what I take and when I told the everything but aas/ph they gave me a blank stare and said what about roids. When I went to give them advice on diet " after they mentioned they eat 2 maybe 3 small meals " they didn't want to hear it and said they found a connect for tren and was going to buy some. That irritates me ask for advice ,blow it off and think roids will magically get them big. Should of mentioned this so my first post didn't make me sound like an a** lol

  5. I hate that too. When guys ask what I take I steal Arnold's line "vitamins and I say my prayers at night."
    I wasn't thinking you were a dick to them I was just saying I have the urge sometimes to be a dick but I don't because of the above reason.



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