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  1. Belly

    Ow do I get rid of belly fat, I don't want to lose fat in the rest of my body but like to get that six pack ? I am sure everyone wants too, but I lost a lot of weight and now hitting the gym but still belly has a role on it, lol

  2. Hope your not serious? Fat comes off everywhere... You cannot spot reduce fat.

    Just keep dieting and losing fat. There is no other anwser, sorry.

  3. I have lost 100 lbs and I am at where I wanna be and just started to hit the gym, maybe after time building muscle it may burn???

  4. You will still lose fat everywhere else... You would be surprised where fat is hiding, can you see striations in your muscles? The answer will be no and that's because there is fat in those areas, believe me if you still have belly fat you could have anywhere from 10lb+ to lose. (cant be sure obviously as you have no pic)

    Basically fat loss is like taking water out of a bath with a bucket... If you scoop a bucket of water out, it doesn't just come from the place you scooped, the whole bath level will drop.

    Whats your stats? Weight, height, diet?

  5. I use to be on the Atkins diet I was on it way too long 8 months under 20 carbs per day I was 295 now I am 195 5'11"

    I measured waist it's 38

  6. I use to only eat 1200 cal day need to move that up alot

  7. Few things... your 5"11" and 195lb, unless your 10%bf then your carrying too much fat... Im same stats as you but im around 14%, because i just came off a bulk a few weeks ago and am now cutting...

    When im around 10% i weight roughly 175-180lb and I hold a lot of muscle... So you have probably go at least 25lb more to lose.
    A 38" waist is big, around 10% you will probably be about 30-32"

    1200cal a day is way way too low, that needs to be upped about 200cal every 2-3weeks, lift heavy and hard and do cardio 3-4x a week and you should start gaing muscle little by little but keeping your fat minimal... Its hard because you can really only do one or the other... Lose weight or gain size not both.

    Personally i would stay at your calories now and do some more cardio to really get nice and lean, then up your calories bit by bit, dont suddenly eat 200+ calories a day or you WILL get fat as your body simply isnt used to it.

    To put it in perspective, im currently cutting weight at 2400cal a week, thats double yours! But its because i have muscle mass.

    Basically do one or the other. My opinion is stay at your calories and diet down until your happy. Then bulk up.

  8. I have been running 3 miles a day should I continue

  9. Are you still losing weight?

    Whats your current macros?

  10. I stopped running this week, and started eating little more carbs, being under 20 carbs for 8 months has effected me personally and also had no energy to do anything was getting dizzy a lot, but my goal was too lose the weight which I did, then hit the gym and get huge, the rest of my body is almost down too bones I am in 34 pants, and down too a xl shirt where I use to be in a xxxl shirt huge difference, just can't do the low carb thing no longer wasn't healthy or is it?????

  11. Yeah good idea to up the carbs, it is definitely hard on your body and mind running low carb for a long time... I can tell you straight away if your in an XL shirt and aren't hugely muscular then you have a way to go, I would say im quite big... But i only wear a Medium/Large shirt. Low carb is fine I just wouldn't do it for a long period of time personally.
    If you really think yur that skinny then post a picture and I/and this forum can help you more.

  12. Will post one, in the mean time what should I be eating?? How many carbs should I be at? And how much protein

  13. Maybe I think I am skinny because I lost so much weight I was at 190 few weeks ago up my carbs and hitting 200 I just don't want to get fat again, I want to lift now, and what can I do about lifting and shredding fat???

  14. This is what I ate yesterday

    Breakfast 6 eggs whites, I cup oatmeal,

    Snack peanuts, 2oz chicken

    Lunch; salad,4oz chicken,

    Snack: two table spoons peanut butter, apple

    Dinner, 4oz steak, piece of salmon...

  15. Id shoot for around a 200cal increase every couple of weeks, shooting for a 1-2lb increase... you will gain a little fat but as long as your training is good and cardio is consistent you should be okay.

    This is to add mass by the way and restore your bodies normal BMR.
    You want to eat around 1lb of protein per lb of body weight.. so 194g or so.
    Carbs is going to be around 120
    Fats is 20g

    This will need to change every couple of weeks or when you stop putting on weight.

  16. So what I ate yesterday is okay??

  17. Basically my best advice to you is trial and error... But YOU HAVE to know what your macros are and how to change them yourself week by week, do you know how many calories all that food was? the protein amount? carbs? fats?

    And you have to make up your mind on whether you need to cut or bulk... again we would need a picture to help you determine.

  18. If I ran every other morning, would it deplete muscle? I don't want to continue to jog 3 miles and it hurt me??

  19. If its Low intensity cardio you should be okay... maybe cut it down to 2miles. Keep protein high.

  20. Sounds good, thanks I will post a picture later on.. Thanks for the help.,

  21. So just starting out should I lift every other day and on the days I am not lifting jog 2 miles??

  22. Your telling me you have no exercise plan at all? Oh dear.......

    Do some research, I would look up starting strength by Mark Rippetoes.
    That a great way to get into lifting. Follow that exactly and once your used to it after maybe 6months or so you can add your own exercises and even create your own routine.

  23. I have a lifting plan, but nothing to work off the fat, "cardio"

  24. What is macros?? See I am new to this?? Lol

  25. U can't have things givin to u on a silver platter!
    U must do ur own research first, than ppl here will b able to help u better!


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