My first post

  1. My first post

    Hey guys ive been floating around the website for a while now and figured id join in and tell you guys a little about experiences.

    In January 2012 I was 165lbs lifted regularly but my diet wasnt on point.

    I went through the police academy to become a reserve officer and that 6 months of strict clean eating and rigorous exercise got me in the best shape of my life.

    In jan 2013 I tried my first ph, I had hit a pretty stubborn plateau that rotating routines and changing my diet around wasnt fixing so I used finaflex 1andro at super low levels to test the water and see how my body reacted. I had all my on my cycle support and pct in check before starting (gallon h20 a day, CEL cycle assist, multi, omegas, glucosamine, an AI, d-aa, creatine, and Clomid just incase)

    I had read that doses for 1andro ran between 400-800mg so I started with 100/200/300/400 which is really low but im glad that I did because I had sides show up early before any benefits (Hairless, aggression, acne, headaches ect) I did put on a little size and my strength did go up but it wasnt worth doing again IMO.

    I just finished a 4 week havoc cycle starting in dec 2013 - jan 2014. 20/30/40/40 I used all the same on cycle support and for pct clomid, creatine, D-aa and cycle assist. I LOVED the havoc! NO side effects, leaned out fast and strength went up and almost no shut down. Im starting week 3 of pct and havent had one complaint since I started this cycle. (Maybe one or two days of calf pumps lol)

    I definitely will be doing a havoc cycle again, might want to try something new, I dont know yet. If anyone has any suggestions, critiques, questions or any other good info to share please feel free. I want to get active on this fourm.

    Pics in order
    1st jan 2012
    2nd jan 2013
    3rd jan 2014
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  2. Good job! You should be proud of your progress.

  3. Thanks man! Slowly but surely im coming along

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