This is what I have to...

  1. Red face This is what I have to...

    "Man! This stuff is the bomb! Started it yesterday. I followed the instructions. It says to take it once a day and consume a gallon of water per day. It's already working. I'm up 8 lbs in the first day!"

    1 gallon H20 = 8.3452641 Pounds

  2. Nicely done (pun intended).

  3. Well done! (double pun)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    Well done! (double pun)
    I hope we are done with these puns.*punx3*
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  5. Dunn's not here!


  6. diet is spot on!

  7. Dosed 2 servings and I'm up over 16 lbs! MaxH2O is a great PWO!
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  8. Although most already know this, as a rule of thumb each person should daily be consuming water = weight/2 = ounces of water

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    weight/2 = ounces of water
    Is that LBM or just weight? Fat does not hydrate.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    Is that LBM or just weight? Fat does not hydrate.
    Just weight - it is just a simple formula used to estimate water needs, not an indication of what would (and wouldn't) hydrate.


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