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Being a rep can get you to a lot of cool places. It took me to a job up North, a city I loved being in, a wife that I love, a close friend that I stay in contact with, and brought me where I am today. I'm now far removed from the industry as a whole, but it was a great trek along the way. I had some great opportunities and wouldn't take it back.

It really depends on who you're repping for. If you're just a shill "product champion" for a message board, it won't do you much good. Use it to network and build relationships.

There are lots of rep gigs for other industries that are actually a great way to earn a living. Being a supp rep can boost your resume, allow you to advance a career, and deliver you some outstanding changes in life. You have to use it to your advantage in more ways than free supps.
A really good point Irish Cannon. Thanks for the advice.