It's the spooky time of year again, anyone got any personal creepy/supernatural stories? I'll start:

When I was young(About 4-5) I had a imaginary friend, he wore a metal suit almost like a exoskeleton, not that I'd know what that was at the age and was super tall. I never tried to look up at his face, he'd wake me up around midnight and give me candy and play a little before I'd head back to bed.

Over time he'd show up less and less as is to be expected of a imaginary friend, I eventually forgot about him, we moved to a different house and I aged to about 13. One night I got woke up in the darkest part of night to see a metal suited tall man who was faintly visible by a air filter glow but his face was obscured by a shadow watching over me. I stared at him for a minute before he ducked into the other room. That's the last time I saw him.

So maybe I was dreaming of my old imaginary friend, I put little thought into this event. A couple years later imaginary friends came up in conversation with my sister who I shared a room with when I was young. She starts telling me of her tall metal suited imaginary friend who would give her candy.....