Cutting fat help!

  1. Cutting fat help!

    I'm currently sittin between 215-217lbs and about 12% body fat. I need some good diet/training tips I want to drop to 210 maybe lighter any suggestions criticism wtv ill take it.
    Right now I hit chest and bis on mon
    Back and tris on tues legs weds
    Then Olympic lifts thurs shoulders and abs fri
    With 30-45 min of cardio everyday except legs
    My diet consists of mainly salads and roasted or grilled chicken lots of veggies and my protein shakes along with at the minimum a gallon of water a day
    No sodas no juices or any of that crap
    Occasionally a sugar free green tea for taste.
    I'm stuck please help

  2. macros would help
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Got any good suggestions on what and how much?

  4. Thanks for the advice did some research added a few things to my diet and the fat loss has resumed

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