Who is bigger Randy Orton or John Cena

  1. Who is bigger Randy Orton or John Cena

    They are billed the same weight but i don't believe those stats for a second.
    I believe John Cena to be bigger and Orton is about 6'3 which makes him taller.
    I can't really tell judging by pics and i don't watch much wwe if at all.

  2. Neither are as "big" as Mike the situation
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  3. Orton looks tall as heck though. Can't really tell with Cena though since dude's bulked up like no other. Also billed as the same weight? ... what the...

  4. Back in the days, Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes were both billed at 302 pounds. But it was obvious that both were built differently.
    Cena is, by far, bigger in size.
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