Need help choosing an internet service provider

  1. Need help choosing an internet service provider

    Hey fellas..
    I've been out of my parents house for a while and haven't yet looked into getting internet at my apartment. Using other people's comps and going to the library is getting old. I'd like a somewhat fast ISP (DSL or even cable), however I have no cable or phone line at my apartment. I dunno **** about comps..was wondering if some of you guys could point me to a quality service. THANKS!


  2. You should consider (discretely) sharing a connection with several neighbors via wireless network. This will cut down your monthly fee by a factor of 2-4x. Just make sure that they are not chronic downloaders or into some kind of sick pornography.

    It might raise a red flag if you have more than two different sets of emails being checked, etc. But I don't see how running 2 different computers through a wireless router would be a problem. And if the other guy doesn't pay you, just lock him out.

  3. I myself am too worried to share a connection because of what Strateg0s said. You never know what the hell people are downloading and I dont want to have any connection with the sick ****s that are out there.

    As far as getting a cable modem, if there is not already a connection there, you most likely will need to get written approval from the owner of the apartment for the cable company to be willing to put the conenction in. The cable company usually offers the installation for free since they make their money back on you paying for the service.

    Good luck

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