Beta Testing, help out!

  1. Beta Testing, help out!

    I've, been working on building a community forum for a organization to help veterans with PTSD... It still need another day or two worth of work, but if you guys could check it out and shoot me some feedback on it that would be awesome. Its a place to talk about active military duty/military families, veteran issue, mental health research, supplement research, holistic techniques, as well as discuss everyday supplements to get the guys working out, and theirs a invite only section on PH/DS and other advanced items. Appreciate the help! Forums

    If any of you guys with a wealth of knowledge want to help out with making stickies/guides ect. That would be awesome!
    (If you need access to the advanced section to make PH/DS stickies just let me know)

  2. Also, if you guys don't mind registering to help build the community and maybe get the supplement and private PH/DS sections going that would be sweet, because it'll really help with getting these guys into a healthy lifestyle and a lot of you have a great deal of knowledge on the subject!

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