Lost 5lbs in 36 hours :(

  1. Lost 5lbs in 36 hours :(

    Had a fever and the runs for a day; lost appetite completely and didn't eat anything.

    I just lost 5lbs in less than 2 days.


    I really wish I had health insurance. I'm worried about hyperthyroidism because even when I'm on 5,000+ cals a day, I don't gain.

  2. It will just be dehydration. You will put the weight back on as soon as you start eating and hydrating properly.

    Interesting point about not gaining weight, though. I don't buy into the ectomorph / hard gainer stuff (although I always used to think of my self as an ectomorph), but I'm consuming 4000 calories a day and have lost 3lbs in two weeks. I don't have an answer for that one; just empathising.

  3. UH OH! Sounds like you need to watch this video right now!

  4. Lol

    5 lbs in 2 days.

    You really worried about that?

  5. I fluctuate up to 5-8lbs on average in a day. I tend to hold alot of water. You're just dehydrated from the runs. It's alil rediculous that you are surprised and uneducated about your current situation. You answered your own concern in your OP as to why.



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