Boston being terrorist attacked?

  1. Boston being terrorist attacked?

    Seeing it on the news in the UK here.

    Stay safe US bro's. Horrid pictures on the BBC, can't understand why scum would want to do this...makes my blood boil.

  2. Not sure who is claiming the attacks, if its a al Qaeda group or just some crazy *******. 23 injured, 2 dead, chaos.
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  3. its ****ing horrible man. most likely people running in the Boston marathon are doing it for charity too. Can't get my head round go out to run for charity and end up maimed or killed.

  4. Last thing I heard was they had a suspect in custody, a Saudi national.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mikeg313 View Post
    Last thing I heard was they had a suspect in custody, a Saudi national.
    He was just running away from the blast like everyone else and a citizen tackled him. No evidence to tie him to it at all, he is not under arrest and is denying any involvement.

  6. 140 injured and 3 killed. That's ****ed. Such an awesome event, I hope the Boston marathons reputation doesn't suffer.

  7. It wont and nor should it. The scum who did this won't win. I can see it becoming more popular in people wanting to run to pay respects to those who have suffered. The next big marathon is the London marathon and im sure people will be running that in a show of solidarity to the Boston victims also. Terrorists will unite the good people.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mikeg313 View Post
    That was a nice thing to read to begin the day. Thanks mike.


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