Kevin Levrone on Crank Yankers

  1. Kevin Levrone on Crank Yankers

    Anyone catch Levrone on crank yankers tonite? They had "Niles Standish" call him up and try to get him to pull him in a santa sleigh. Levrone was down with it ...for 25 grand! Then he tried to get him to do some gay **** and he turned him down. He was kind of a tool. He wanted to be the first "reindeer" because he said he's a star. This guy was one of my favorites so I'm glad he at least turned down the gay stuff.

  2. He's a pretty good businessman. He knew that it would make him look like a dip**** if he actually did go through with it so he wanted to be sure he got a few extra bucks. If you're put in a position where someone wants to hire you for being you then you're in a good bargaining position which should be exploited as much as possible. You're not out to make friends, after all.

  3. I wish Kevin would get his **** together and live up to his potential. He used to be my favorite. I still think the way he looked in the mid 90s was the ultimate total package. He was ****ing awesome.

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