Are these weight results normal for halodrol. Seem drastic.

  1. Are these weight results normal for halodrol. Seem drastic.

    First of all I suck at forums and I hope this is in right section.

    Well im on halodrol 50mg cycle.It has been 1 week 2 days and results seem drastic. Besides cycle support I take protein shake after workout but my weights and body weight is increasing fast. I cut soda and fast food out completely. I drink plenty of water.

    I go to gym 3 times a week. Mon,Wed,Fri. I am on treadmill for 30 min with big incline and alternate between running and fast walking. My body weight went from 236 and I currently am at 242(im 6'4). My bench went from 155 to 205(10,7,7). Peck flys went from 160 to 210(3 sets of 10). I'm shoulder shrugging 105 pound dumbbells(3 sets of 10). Tri pulldowns from 110 to 140(3 sets of 10). Seated calf raises went from 70 to 135(3 sets of 10). All in one week. That is just a basic run down. MY question is: on 50mg should i be gaining this fast. I was told hdrol takes over a week to even take effect, and there is no way this is all mental.

    Feedback please and if need to move please do so.


  2. I'm gonna say this to start off. At your size and weight you should have pushed your potential alot further before starting a cycle of anything. That's scary and shows you likely don't know wtf you're actually doing . If your that big and were only benching 155 then you must be extremely out of shape. Glad you are having some immediate results although I'm gonna relay that to a bit of placebo effect for the most part. the more knowledgeable PH guys will I'm sure have some "advice" for you. Next time post it in the anabolic section though for topics like this ;-)

  3. Yea placebo im sure does have an effect. The way I move up in weight is after getting sets like 10,10,5. But when I was around 18 i used to bench around mid to high 2s(just using reference to how much i used to work out). I seem to have good muscle memory as a few people told me. I stopped for a while because work would always interfere and i could never commit again without interruption. But natural i would take months to move up the slightest weight. I sure you are right about maxing out natural potential from the start.

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