Chest cracking

  1. Chest cracking

    Does anyone else's chest crack in the center? I've experienced it as long as I can remember so ive always assumed its normal and it happens mostly when I've been laying/leaning on my side then get up. Doesn't hurt, if anything it's an ackward misaligned feeling pressure and I pop it by either pushing my chest out and shoulders back or spreading my pecks apart by hand. I know it prolly gonna come back at me as a dumb question like,"why do my knuckles crack?", but I'm just curious if its common or not.

  2. Im pretty sure thats just an air bubble being popped. Normal. I get that alot in my elbow.

  3. Re: Chest cracking

    My chest pops from time to time doing heavy flys and when I stretch in the morning sometimes. The first time it did it I was doing flys and I thought I tore something because it popped so loud....then it felt wonderful like a pressure release.
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  4. Happens to me as well. First time it happened it definitely hurt slightly but felt good afterwards. I think it's related to your chest getting larger and the system realigning itself.
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  5. I've had the same thing happen several times. I think it's just the cartilage getting a little misaligned. Feels good after it pops.

  6. happens to me too bud. but it only started with me about 4-5 months ago. i did the normal wake up arms out stretch and POP, **** hurt like a bitch for 2 weeks. dr said its costrochondritis. now i pop it every time im hunched forward or sitting for awhile and it only hurts a tiny bit every once in awhile. like when i try to force a crack like a dip**** lol

  7. It happens to me also. Asked my chiro about it several years back and he said it was normal. Just as your back pops, so can almost any other joint in your body. Sometimes it needs to pop and translates that tension to my back and gives me a backache and a headache. I usually solve this by doing some heavy flies and all is right with the world again.
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  8. OH man that was happening to me for a while until one day I was driving and it needed to pop so i tried popping it and my whole body when loose and caused intense pain. I couldn't breathe. So from there on out i stopped and after a while i never felt the urge to pop anymore. From there i am fine.


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