What's up.... update

  1. What's up.... update

    What's up board. It's been a while since I've been here, or online at all. Been busy dealing with a lot of things going on.

    Just thought I'd post an update of my current stats and goals.

    315 lbs

    I am going to start cutting earlier than usual this year because I really overdid the bulking period this time around. I am a huge advocate of the CKD diet so I'll be using that. I've been at this weight and size about 6 weeks now, and I'm just doing maintainance dieting and training through December. My goal is to be 260-270 at 10%bf or less if possible. I'm hoping to get into a couple of local shows this year in NY.

    I'll be stocking up my arsenal soon which will be tren, test (prop & enan), EQ, HCG, and Nolva. I'm working on getting some new pics taken and put on, but I dont have a computer at home so It's tough for me to get it done. Hopefully I can keep a strict journal of this year's cut to post up here.

    See you all on the boards.


  2. 315lbs at 17%. big dude.

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