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    C9-T11: Frequently Asked Questions

    "Steroids and Nitric Oxide (NO2) work the same way: they simply give your
    muscles more energy to work harder. You still have to BUST ASS to see any
    results. Bottom line: don't expect to get huge using 'roids, creatine, or NO2
    unless you run your muscles through the ringer.

    C9-T11 is completely different, however. This new anabolic compound may be

    ONLY supplement available today that literally synthesizes lean
    muscle tissue on its own.'
    OBSESSED is a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED.
    Beast Mode RECOMP: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/224356-beast-mode recomp.html

  2. Well get me a lazy boy and some C9 cus I'm gonna get jacked!

  3. is that muscle tech?

  4. It's criminal

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