Gas Grill Conversion

  1. Gas Grill Conversion

    Anybody out there do this? I'm trying to do mine right now, but of course, nothing is ever easy.. Long story short, the screws are all rusted, and a major PITA to get out. The instructions tell me to pull the burners & place a self tapping screw in the burner venturi tube. Well, this is where I'm having a hard time. There's just no good angle to get to the screw after I put it in place. Pliers aren't working either.

    Does this absolutely have to be done in order to get a decent flame/heat on my grill?


  2. Check out The owner meathead has all the answers about grills of any sort

  3. Re: Gas Grill Conversion

    Thanks for the reply. I took care of it.

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