Help me find a topic for my presentation (exercise phys related)

  1. Help me find a topic for my presentation (exercise phys related)

    I have do a presentation sorta as the finally of my clinical exercise physiology internship. i work in a hospital setting and my presentation will be evaluated by exercise physiologists but there may also be cardiologists and such present so i dont want to sound like an idiot lol. the presentation has to be on something relatively new and cutting-edge to the field of cardiology/cardiac rehab/ or stress testing. one example they gave me that was used back a few years ago was drug-eluding stents, back when those were still new. otherwise it can be on something like new workouts specifically designed for heart patients, new cardiac rehab techniques, new cardiac procedures (such as caths, ablations, open hearts, CABGs, pacemaker-related, ect), new or different stress testing modalities, new imaging techniques and things of that nature. i have done tons of research but cant really find anything new and or cutting edge.... so anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance
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  2. I dunno what to recommend but being that I recently had a stress related heart attack at the age of 34 I'd like to hear some of the stuff you'd come up with related to that. Maybe that could be a presentation, how in our high stress fast paced society it's becoming more common for young men to have heart attacks/disease and how these can be prevented while still maintaining a contemporary lifestyle. Just a shot

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