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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    I'm using the vapur cig , but like u said it's still easy to go back to the real thing
    So I bought the strongest , nastiest brand( still $13/pack where I'm from, lol..) if I light up , it's only a couple of puffs n I'm done...
    Still not 100% smoke free, but I'm way better than before...
    Maybe try getting some really cheep cigars instead. They are hella rough and you will probably smoke alot less.

  2. Actually I forgot , I have some cigars from Cuba , aha, good thought , thanx Mccrew

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    Actually I forgot , I have some cigars from Cuba , aha, good thought , thanx Mccrew
    Any time.
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Z View Post
    After 15yrs of smoking, on December 22nd I put them away for good. I'd like to say I just woke up that morning and said I'm done but it took a trip to the Emergency Room with near cardiac arrest and missing Christmas with my kids entirely due to sitting in a hospital room unable to keep high enough levels of oxygen in my blood with out support and constant supervision. I am 34yrs old and have 3 kids that I got to watch open their presents via cell phone video and it hurt like hell. Over the past couple years, I was told several times by my doctor that she would prescribe any drug I wanted to help me quit but until I truly wanted to quit it would never work. Here I sit two weeks with out even the desire and I'm going cold turkey. I'm not some huge anti-smoking person now however I can relay my doctor's message to everyone I know, a person will never be able to kick this habit until they truly want to. I wish all who try good luck and will support their efforts 100%
    I've had similar situations with substances in my life. Sometimes we don't change unless we experience real pain or a traumatic experience


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