Shaving Head or Not

  1. Shaving Head or Not

    I am trying to decide if I am going to do it or not.. I already have a receding hairline and I have the wife cut it really close, like 1/8 inch overall... but I haven't do the shave yet.. but I am looking at
    I saw this think in Playboy last year sometime and found their website.. and for 15 dollars it looks like it would be much easier to use than a razor...
    So who does shave their head on here? Care to give some input on your experiences shaving the ole gourd?

  2. I shave mine with a razor for the same reason as you and I don't like those 'shape' ones simply because your head isn't perfect so it's not like gliding over a piece of paper. You need to be able to adjust to the shape of your head on the fly and without much pressure. heavy strokes on your scalp will leave serious razor burns.

    Mach 3 or the = will work real well. Shave it down short with a electric then switch over and use alcohol or aftershave immediatly after.

  3. I just use what ever Razor I buy at the time I'm out.

  4. I shave my head with an electric down as low as it goes, probably about 1/16".

    Never tried shaving clean though. I've always been afraid of scratches/scabbing and having a shiny head.

    I'm interested in trying it sometime just see how easy it is. It might turn out to be quicker and easier than using the electric.

  5. Firt off the headblade is awesome. If you get it make sure you dont put pressure on it or it will take the first layer of skin off with it. It does have a problem with the very front though. I shave my head three times a week and wouldnt go back to having hair if I could. As long as your confident about the dome look nobody seems to have a problem with it.

  6. Go for it, i cut all my hair off last yr for a child with cancer, and really it grows, although i have a great baseball hat collection... Kidding, try it you might like it........

  7. Ive alwase shaved mine very close with a electric trimmer, dont really like the compleatly bald look though, i think a buzz just looks bad ass.

  8. I used to use regular razors but it's just too ****ing messy. For the past year or so, I've been using my regular electric razor that is normally used to shave my face with. Just a standard Norelco or Remington works fine, usually EOD or so.

  9. I use electronic clippers with no guard. It shaves close, and it's fast - and part of the whole reason I do it is just for the low maintenance.

    I shaved with a blade once. It got closer for sure, but it took a lot longer to do. Plus you'll have to keep on buying more blades $$$.

    As for doing it - go for it. I had hair past my shoulders for 5 years, then I cut it short, then I shaved it right down. Damn do I love it. You never have a bad hair day or hat head.

    As for the looks - I like it. A large number of people think I look like Vin Diesel, it's like my unofficial nickname.

    On another note - and I don't know why - but girls always want to feel it. Hmmm....that gets me thinking...I wonder if I should shave around my pecker....


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