Hey if anyone is interested in skateboarding..

  1. Hey if anyone is interested in skateboarding..

    You can design your own skins for your board or have them make you up a board


    Hope the moderators dont mind me posting a link.... if its a problem i will remove it right away......

  2. Cool with me..


  4. lol, he must be watching the X games. 4-5 years ago when i saw X games i wanted to skate board too.

  5. trust me im not into the whole boarding thing either but my buddy just started this business and its taking off pretty good so i thought id help him......

    im just a tad bit too old to be breaking my neck on a board.

  6. I've been considering getting back into to skateboarding. Since I sold my mustang I have nothing to do anymore plus my 4 year old daughter wants to learn how. Damn I haven't touched a skateboard in about 12yrs.

  7. I'm 38 and still skate. Grew up skating vert, then pretty much quit for about 15 years. Meanwhile, skateboarding died, was buried, and then rose from the dead according to the scriptures. All I can say is that it hurts a hell of a lot worse landing on cement now than it did when I was 17. I will be designing my own skate now, so thanks for the thread.


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