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    Sunday I'm leaving to go home for a long overdue vacation. Yes it's that time of year, the outdoor summer DMB tour. I'll be flying to Philly, then driving 6 and some odd hours to Raleigh, NC to see DMB on Monday. I figure we'll make it back to the Philly area sometime Tuesday. I don't have much planned, as I haven't been back that way in about a year, and I've never been there as a 21 y/o .

    I'm not gonna go all out party like a rockstar Cali style, like I did in January, but I'm sure I'll drink and do a few other things a few times. One of my friends back home is serious about lifting now, and has gotten really big, so we'll be hitting the gym almost as much as I normally would.

    Do any of you guys from the Philly area have any suggestions of cool things to do, like bars, clubs, ect. The only thing I have planned right now is the DMB concert and a 2 night stay in AC.

  2. Enjoy the trip big man. Have fun, party, be safe.

  3. Enjoy yourself man. DMB shows are great times. I went to both nights of the meadows shows with some serious tailgating pre and post shows. Good times.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sheesh
    Enjoy yourself man. DMB shows are great times. I went to both nights of the meadows shows with some serious tailgating pre and post shows. Good times.
    I went to Connecticut once. '03 Dave and Tim tour, Oakdale, 3rd row. Now that was a good time. That seat was the best $280 I've ever spent.

  5. Take your ALA everyday. I speculate that it helps in the liquor department. In Vegas it gave me the tolerance of a seasoned drunk. No hangovers whatsoever and I always get hangovers.

    Stay safe, write home, don't let the bedbugs bite.

  6. 14 days straight:

    Today and probably for another 14 days:

    Everytime I go to visit my old friends we party non-stop, use some substances, chase women, ect. And everytime I so look forward to just saying "**** it" and having a blast, then end up feeling like an out of shape, unhealthy scumbag when it comes to an end (this time I felt bad about it basically the whole time). I don't know how people actually live their lives like that. That was a vacation for me, that's LIFE for them. It seems lately that the only purpose of going out and partying with my old friends for a couple of weeks is to realize how much I actually like my normal life. I actually did hit the gym quite a few times, but the intensity just wasn't there for every workout except one. Over 2 weeks my diet went slowly from "kinda ****ty" to "straight up ****". Not eating at all for hours on end, or going to Geno's and eating 2 "Whiz With's" at 3 in the morning after drinking all night at the club. Suprisingly enough to me, I didn't lose that much at all. I definitly can't see my bottom abs or my obliques as well though. I think 2 weeks of partying will take me at least 3 weeks of hardcore dieting and training (and "supplementation" ) to get back to where I was. Sorry for the rant , I hope you guys can forgive me and help me back on the right path

  7. Man we all do it. I know I used to do it up all the time....always felt and looked like ****. So, I decided to do something about it. I've been taking better care of myself the last few yrs. I still get together with friends and party every once and a while....it's all part of having a social life. Like you
    said, a few wks and you'll be back on track. Remember sometimes we have to live a little.....as long as you're not at it all the time.


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