Top Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag

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  1. Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed

    “Would it be much of a problem if we were doing this every year?”
    Steve Watson
    October 5, 2011

    Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul held hearings Tuesday into a recent and rare one off audit of the Federal Reserve’s crisis-response emergency lending programs of 2008.
    In his role as chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee, Paul relished the glimmer of transparency that was afforded as part of the Dodd-Frank Act, signed into law last year.
    “More people now are starting to realize that the Fed isn’t independent of political independence because indirectly and some times more directly it is involved in political decisions or at least private decisions to serve some political interest.” Paul told those gathered at the hearing.
    Along with Paul, Republicans in attendance argued that the audit should pave the way for regular reviews of the Fed’s policies, as well as more complete disclosure of exactly who has received upwards of $27 trillion in bail out funds since 2008.
    “Would it be much of a problem if we were doing this every year?” Paul asked.
    Robert Auerbach, Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, backed Paul up by putting the case that regular and ongoing audits would not affect the Fed’s independence in any major way.
    “The Fed’s mythical flag of independence from politics, a favorite Fed mantra to avoid individual responsibility, is merely a shield intended to protect the institution from being forced to act in a more transparent fashion,” Auerbach testified.
    Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Republican of Missouri, expressed concern that although the GAO’s audit authority is now expired, some banks and firms that “borrowed” from the Fed, and by extension the American taxpaying public, as part of the Bear Sterns and AIG relief packages, have yet to pay back the funds.
    Luetkemeyer also noted that the one time GAO audit was extremely limited in its scope.
    Nevertheless, the GAO’s report found several instances of conflicts of interest and questionable practices involving Fed officials.
    It was also revealed that the Fed made $16.1 trillion in secret loans to Wall Street firms at the height of the crisis.

    The full hearing, beginning with Ron Paul’s opening statement, can be viewed below:
    Fed Audit Hearing Oct 4 2011

    Congressman Ron Paul also appeared on Freedom Watch yesterday to discuss the economic situation, urging that politicians in Washington are “not offering a prescription”.

    “We have too much spending and too much debt, so they’re trying to solve the problem with more debt. There’s not a chance that we can get out of the recession this way.” Paul told host Judge Andrew Napolitano.
    “The people here don’t want to change because they have been conditioned by Keynesian economics. Where I’m encouraged is that people outside this place are getting the message. The answers are well known but how do you translate this new message that we have of free markets and the constitution, and get the people that are managing the affairs now out of office?” the Congressman stated.
    Paul added that as president he would implement some immediate measures that would cut the deficit and reduce spending in a meaningful way.
    “Immediately you could bring all our troops home and have them spend money here at home, that would give us some reprieve. We could change our foreign policy and indicate to the world that we are going to get our budget under control.” Paul said.
    “We could remove taxation on all the money that is held overseas by our corporations and not double tax them. We could remove the interest paid by the Federal Reserve to the banks. The banks won’t invest their money because it’s too risky, but the Federal Reserve gives them their money, essentially, for free, and then they invest it back into Treasury bills, so they help monetize the debt too.”
    “Those are a few things, but sending a signal will be most important, ‘we’re going to quit this spending’. Right now I’m working on a plan where in one year I want to cut a trillion dollars.” Paul revealed.
    “The appetite for big government is the problem. The taxes and the Federal Reserve inflating, that is the symptom, and the budget problem is a symptom of the appetite for big government.” Paul continued.
    “Too often the leadership is only in the business of preserving power… It’s a shame that despite all this arguing and bickering going on between the two parties, there is no difference. Regardless of which party it is they still don’t change the definition of entitlements, they don’t change the foreign policy and they don’t go after the Fed.”
    The Congressman also reiterated comments he made earlier in the week regarding the unconstitutional killing in Yemen of the American born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

    Watch the interview:
    Ron Paul: "If We Don't Correct This We Just Transitioned From A Republic To A Dictatorship"

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  2. Ron Paul's Greatest Interview - Gold & Silver With Mike Maloney

    Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Online. Gold & Silver Charts, Graphs & News | Mike Maloney was lucky enough to interview Congressman Ron Paul, and share the session with his customers at The full interview never made it to YouTube, so here it is for the first time. Although the interview itself is dated (filmed in late 2007), the ideals of liberty, free markets, and gold delivering a knockout blow to fiat currency are not.

    Going Back To The Gold Standard?

    Ron Paul is interviewed about “dumping the faith-based Federal Reserve system”. He talks about the history of the gold standard and the dollar, and proposes a transition period where free-market gold currencies could openly compete against the dollar.

    Channel: Fox Business
    Date: 1/30/2009


    Reporter: It’s not too long ago the dollar was as good as gold. In fact, dollar bills were labeled gold certificates, so just imagine if the dollar was as good as gold once again. If confidence is one of the failures of our financial system right now, would a gold standard restore the faith and confidence and allow us to move on? The loudest voice in favor of dumping the faith based Federal Reserve System going back to the gold standard is Congressman Ron Paul; he joins us now by phone tonight. Good to hear you Congressman, thanks for coming in, appreciate it.
    Ron Paul: Thank you, good to be with you.

    Reporter: So, tell us what the possibility, how would we go about going back to gold standard?
    Ron Paul: Well we have some pretty good history to look at; we can look at our own history. We went off the gold standard during the civil war period, and the gold price soared, a couple hundred dollars, from twenty dollars. We lived in a different time then, in the 1970s they passed a Resumption Act and they had a three year period and a lot of part 1870s, and there was a transition. They quit printing greenbacks, they withdrew some greenbacks, they balanced the budget and we weren’t running a welfare-warfare state. And the people, believe it or not, trusted their government and it was a non-event and three years the dollar was as good as gold at twenty dollars an ounce. England, after World War I, tried to do the same thing, but they had too many pounds circulating. They went back to an old price and they didn’t withdraw any pounds so it didn’t work, and now we have a bigger problem. The transition would be pretty tough, not written and talked a lot about this and you’d have to device a system where there would be a transition where maybe you could have a gold standard competing with a paper standard and then obviously gold would win out.

    Reporter: Well sure.
    Ron Paul: People would eventually go to gold because the paper, we’re getting down to the bottom right now. The last thing before they really rushed to gold is the Treasury bill.

    Reporter: And that’s about popped hasn’t it the dues on that?
    Ron Paul: Look at what the rates have done just recently so if money quits flowing in there or what if a few foreigners decide to dump some of that stuff then the panic is uncontrollable. Then you’re going to see gold instead of being pressed twenty dollars a day, it might be a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars a day, I believe that is conceivable.

    Reporter: Alright, well let’s see if we can get a close-up of what I’m holding in my hand right now. This is an old dollar, I don’t know if you can see it. Can you get any closer than this? This is a silver certificate that was issued, I guess they stopped issuing it about thirty, forty years ago something like that. But is this what you are envisioning? Where a dollar bill that does have a signature, a dollar after all is a contract. There are two signatures in there including the treasury secretary, and those signatures mean this is a contract that a year from now the money that you earn should be worth about as much, and if not, if you have any doubt about this you can trade it in and you can see up on top there it says, “Silver certificate for gold or silver.” Is this what you want again?
    Ron Paul: To some degree, but there’s been a lot of writings about how you might do this in the private market and not have a government monopoly, because we did have shortcomings in our gold standard because we have bimetalism and we have artificial prices fixed between gold and silver. You don’t want that, you’d have to be on a gold standard or a silver standard, but you could. Hayek has written about baskets of currencies and having this work in the private market. A competing currency could be private but, yes, eventually what you’d want to do, a lot of people say, “Oh we don’t want no gold, we can’t carry all that gold around in our pockets.

    Reporter: Right.
    Ron Paul: No, I think your point that you’re making is right. You’re still going to have certificates or you’re going to have electronic entries. There are people today who are trying to promote this idea through electronic gold, but the problem is the legal tender laws force us to use dollars in all settlements, so one of my goals in Washington to move in that direction would be to repeal legal tender laws. Actually, all we need to do is obey the Constitution because it’s still very clear it hasn’t been repealed that only gold and silver can be legal tender. Believe it or not, they don’t even obey the Constitution anymore.

    Reporter: We believe it now. We’ve seen enough examples of that unfortunately in the last couple of months. Congressman, thank you so much for being here, appreciate it.

    1. Gold is over $1,500 and ounce and silver just broke $45. Gold is over $1,500 and ounce and silver just broke $45. We seeing some major...
    2. Ron Paul: End the Fed, Legalize Competing Currencies Without the Federal Reserve there could be no welfare state and no warfare state, and...
    3. Ron Paul: Gold is Money! The Dollar’s Value is Destined to Go Down Date: 08/18/2010 Show: Radio Host: Chris Waltzek Transcript Chris Waltzek: Well, my next guest,...
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  3. Ill start by saying the content in this post are factual. Ive been to the fake Apple store in Beijing, so Im really not surprised to see something like this.

    Obama Fried Chicken

    The face of US President Barack Obama has been showing up in unexpected Beijing neighborhoods. Shanghaiist translates the Chinese slogan:
    The sign on the shop fittingly reads 吹牛逼呢吧, or “We’re so niubi, aren’t we?”
    A Washington Post blog post reports the following statement from a KFC spokesperson:
    “We’re considering legal action as it is a knock-off and has nothing to do with us and it infringes on our brand trademark,” the statement said. “We find it distasteful.”
    Despite judgement calls of taste, KFC’s parent corporation is still profiting from the Chinese market. From the NZ Herald:
    Yum Brands, owner of the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC chains, reported yesterday that its third-quarter profit grew thanks to strong sales in China and elsewhere overseas that offset another sluggish showing in the US.
    Yum said it added 138 restaurants in China during the quarter, and is on track to open a record 600 new units there this year.
    Operating profit in China was up in the single digits, adjusted for currency fluctuations, as the company faced rising commodity and labour costs.
    In Yum’s international division, operating profit rose 3 per cent, adjusted for currency fluctuations. And its franchise fees are on pace for a record year of more than US$850 million ($1.1 billion) in the division, which excludes China.
    But in the US, operating profit fell 16 per cent and sales dropped at its three main brands.
    This is not the first time that Barack Obama’s name has been used to sell chicken in Chinese markets. See the following KFC commercial that aired in Hong Kong earlier this year.

    KFC Hong Kong - Barack Obama TV Commercial 2011

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  4. Ron Paul warns journalists: You could be next on Obama’s ‘kill list’

    Published: 11:04 AM 10/07/2011
    By Vishal Ganesan -- The Daily Caller

    At a recent luncheon at the National Press Club, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul warned journalists that they could be placed on a “kill list” should the government deem them a threat to national security.

    The Associated Press reported that the Texas congressman encouraged journalists and citizens alike to condemn the President’s actions, lest they find themselves placed on the list for their own views.

    “Can you imagine being put on a list because you’re a threat?” an exasperated Paul asked. “What’s going to happen when they come to the media? What if the media becomes a threat? … This is the way this works. It’s incrementalism.”

    His statements come in the aftermath of the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen killed by a CIA drone in Yemen last month.

    Decisions about whom to place on the “kill list” are reportedly made by secret panel of federal government officials whose deliberations are withheld from public view.

    “There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House’s National Security Council, several current and former officials said,” Reuters reported Thursday. ”Neither is there any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate.”

    The role of the president in the process is unclear, although he is informed of the panel’s decisions.
    Rep. Paul is not the only critic of the government’s actions.

    In a statement last week, ACLU legal director Jameel Jaffer condemned the administration for what he called “a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts.”

    “It is a mistake to invest the President — any President — with the unreviewable power to kill any American whom he deems to present a threat to the country,” Jaffer concluded.

    Although the Obama administration has refused to release evidence that definitely links al-Awlaki to specific acts of terrorism, it has claimed he was behind two failed terror attempts on American soil.
    In a statement made after al-Awlaki’s death, President Obama said it represented a “significant milestone in the broader effort to defeat al Qaida and its affiliates.”

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  5. Saw this a few weeks ago:

    "The targeted assassination program that started under president Bush and expanded under the Obama administration essentially grants the executive the power to kill any US citizen deemed a threat, without any judicial oversight, or any of the rights afforded by our Constitution" - Vince Warren, executive director of The Center for CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS

  6. Bombshell: Underwear Bomber Calls Haskell As Defense Witness

    Detroit lawyer saw well-dressed man aid Abdulmutallab through security

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, October 10, 2011
    In a shocking development in the trial of the accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Delta Flight 253 eyewitness Kurt Haskell has been called by Abdulmutallab as a witness for the defense, a move that could blow the whole case wide open.

    Detroit Lawyer Haskell has been a prominent skeptic of the government’s official version of events, having witnessed a well-dressed man help Abdulmutallab clear security before the incident on Christmas Day 2009 despite the fact that the bomber had no passport, in addition to the fact that his own father had warned U.S. intelligence officials of the threat posed by Abdulmutallab a month before the attempted attack.
    It later emerged that the State Department was ordered not to revoke Abdulmutallab’s visa by “federal counterterrorism officials” even though the accused bomber had known terrorist ties.
    Haskell maintains that Abdulmutallab was carrying a fake bomb and was the unwitting dupe in a case of government entrapment.
    “Chambers indicates that I may be the only defense witness called,” writes Haskell on his blog. “How ironic is it that I will have Umar’s life in my hands just as Umar had my life in his hands (or underwear) on Christmas Day 2009? I will be up to the task. I realize that some may not agree with me and may attempt to harm me. Nevertheless, I will speak the truth and not be intimidated. I will do this for the common good of all of the citizens of the United States.”

    Abdulmutallab’s court “outbursts,” in which he shouts clichéd rhetoric about the mujahadeen, Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, suggest that he is being coached on how to behave and what to say, suggests Haskell. The outbursts are in complete contradiction to how he behaved during the Flight 253 incident, Haskell told the Associated Press.
    “I saw him before boarding and he never said anything, I’ve seen him in court several times, and I even saw him when he lit his fake bomb and his crotch was burning and he never makes a peep. This is totally out of character for him,” Haskell told AP writer Ed White, although White later edited the quote.
    During his interview on the Alex Jones Show today, Haskell pointed out that if Abdulmutallab chooses to reveal what he knows about the entire plot, it could be more damaging to the Obama administration than the Fast and Furious scandal, and would undermine the entire foundation of the war on terror and the TSA grope downs and body scans that were introduced in the aftermath of the event.
    Abdulmutallab could reveal which intelligence agents gave him the dud bomb, while also lifting the lid on the role of Anwar al-Awlaki, who as we have documented was clearly a double agent posing as an Al-Qaeda leader while doing the bidding of the US intelligence community.
    Aware that his involvement in the case and his assertions of government complicity in the aborted attack could put his life in danger, Haskell made it clear on air that he was not planning on committing suicide.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  7. Ron Paul: Who Else is on Obama’s Secret Kill List?

    Ron Paul
    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Weekly address with full transcript below for those who prefer to read.

    According to the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, Americans are never to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The Constitution is not some aspirational statement of values, allowing exceptions when convenient, but rather, it is the law of the land. It is the basis of our Republic and our principal bulwark against tyranny.

    Last week’s assassination of two American citizens, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, is an outrage and a criminal act carried out by the President and his administration. If the law protecting us against government-sanctioned assassination can be voided when there is a “really bad American”, is there any meaning left to the rule of law in the United States? If, as we learned last week, a secret government committee, not subject to congressional oversight or judicial review, can now target certain Americans for assassination, under what moral authority do we presume to lecture the rest of the world about protecting human rights? Didn’t we just bomb Libya into oblivion under the auspices of protecting the civilians from being targeted by their government? Timothy McVeigh was certainly a threat, as were Nidal Hassan and Jared Lee Loughner. They killed people in front of many witnesses. They took up arms against their government in a literal way, yet were still afforded trials. These constitutional protections are in place because our Founders realized it is a very serious matter to deprive any individual of life or liberty. Our outrage against even the obviously guilty is not worth the sacrifice of the rule of law. Al-Awlaki has been outspoken against the United States and we are told he encouraged violence against Americans. We do not know that he actually committed any acts of violence. Ironically, he was once invited to the Pentagon as part of an outreach to moderate Muslims after 9/11. As the US attacks against Muslims in the Middle East and Central Asia expanded, it is said that he became more fervent and radical in his opposition to US foreign policy.

    Many cheer this killing because they believe that in a time of war, due process is not necessary – not even for citizens, and especially not for those overseas. However, there has been no formal declaration of war and certainly not one against Yemen. The post-9/11 authorization for force would not have covered these two Americans because no one is claiming they had any connection to that attack. Al-Awlaki was on a kill list compiled by a secret panel within President Obama’s National Security Council and Justice Department. How many more Americans citizens are on that list? They won’t tell us. What are the criteria? They won’t tell us. Where is the evidence? They won’t tell us.

    Al-Awlaki’s father tried desperately to get the administration to at least allow his son to have legal representation to challenge the “kill” order. He was denied. Rather than give him his day in court, the administration, behind closed doors, served as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner.The most worrisome aspect of this is that any new powers this administration accrues will serve as precedents for future administrations. Even those who completely trust this administration must understand that if this usurpation of power and denial of due process is allowed to stand, these powers will remain to be expanded on by the next administration and then the next. Will you trust them? History shows that once a population gives up its rights, they are not easily won back. Beware.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  8. Are you serious here ax? Ron Paul is sounding like Glen Beck.

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Are you serious here ax? Ron Paul is sounding like Glen Beck.
    Yes, I agree with Ron Paul's views on these above issues. I hate Glen Beck by the way.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ax1

    Yes, I agree with Ron Paul's views on these above issues. I hate Glen Beck by the way.
    Have you followed Glenn Beck at all?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    Have you followed Glenn Beck at all?
    Ive watched a bunch of his shows, but not because Im following him. He gets places and twists and distorts them. He attacks the 911 truth movement, and those who expose Obama's blatant birth cover up...but the additional places he is getting at I am not a fan of his. I dislike everyone on Fox except for Judge Napolitono and Lou Dobbs is ok, but unsure about him at this point. Liberal media is quite dangerous as well, such as Current TV (Al Gore's channel), MSNBC w/ Rachel Maddow and the rest of the bunch...CNN is also disgusting.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  12. They all are awful. My point was Beck constantly is a "catastrophe" is happening guy, which is what it seems Paul is becoming. Stuff like this makes him totally unelectable.

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  13. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    They all are awful. My point was Beck constantly is a "catastrophe" is happening guy, which is what it seems Paul is becoming. Stuff like this makes him totally unelectable.
    Becoming? Have you watched or read Paul's work from the 80's? He is what he is, and always has been.

    I honestly do not see any comparison between Paul and Beck, but if you do so then ok.

    I dont support a candidate because he is electable or not, that is least important.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  14. Ron Paul exposes United Nations plan to destroy US

    A Look Into The Future

    RARE clips of Ron PAul defending American sovereignty, the good Dr. really has been the lone voice in government standing up for the freedom of the American people before we even felt a sense of urgency.

    Dr. Ron Paul has had a consistent message warning about the rise of those elements working from within to destroy the American Constitution.

    Dr. Paul,sir, quite frankly, your message fell upon deaf ears during the 80's and 90's but now it is that same message that resonates in the heart of every American that loves freedom.

    America now realizes how important your message of freedom is and how it is synonymous with our way of life, you also give the world hope for peace in these times of war.

    Ron Paul Predictions

    Doctor Paul could see what was happening in the United States and tried to warn us. Its time to start listening to him. Its time to pick a leader with vision.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ax1

    Ive watched a bunch of his shows, but not because Im following him. He gets places and twists and distorts them. He attacks the 911 truth movement, and those who expose Obama's blatant birth cover up...but the additional places he is getting at I am not a fan of his. I dislike everyone on Fox except for Judge Napolitono and Lou Dobbs is ok, but unsure about him at this point. Liberal media is quite dangerous as well, such as Current TV (Al Gore's channel), MSNBC w/ Rachel Maddow and the rest of the bunch...CNN is also disgusting.
    Well, fair response, at least you have listened to him.

    I haven't seen much of his stuff since leaving fox, but I do appreciate SOME of what he has to say..

    I agree with you on many points. Media in general just feeds into this liberal/conservative the meantime our country is under several attacks.

    Herman Cain seemed to steal the show last night....didnt watch much though.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post

    Herman Cain seemed to steal the show last night....didnt watch much though.
    Herman Cain is also a big banker liar careful with him. People from the banks are the most dangerous people on the planet. Those people on Wall Street need to protest the Fed, not Wall Street. Herman Cain creeps me out the most out of all the candidates.

    I already made my main post for the day, but Ill post the Cain issue since its fresh. Notice at 2:40 how much of a crook he sounds and how much he really lied last night, "There is no hidden secrets hidden in the federal reserve to my knowledge"

    Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie

    Establishment favorite claims he never opposed audit of Fed

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Establishment favorite and former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during last night’s Republican debate when he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proven false within hours by Ron Paul’s campaign team.

    Pointing out that the majority of Americans want to see a full audit of the Federal Reserve, Congressman Ron Paul asked Cain if he stood by his position that it would be frivolous to audit the Fed on a regular basis, as well as his characterization of those who are calling for such measures as ignorant.
    Cain responded by claiming he never dismissed Ron Paul or his supporters as “ignorant” for asking about the Federal Reserve, and that the error was down to Paul believing what he read on the Internet. Technically Cain is correct, because he didn’t call Ron Paul supporters “ignorant,” worse still, in his own book Cain dismissed them as “stupid” and ludicrously suggested that the Paul campaign was deliberately sending out supporters to harass Cain with questions about the Federal Reserve.
    Cain brazenly lied in the next breath when he claimed, “I do not object to the Federal Reserve being audited, I simply said if someone wants to initiate that action go right ahead, it doesn’t bother me,” adding that he had been “misrepresented” and didn’t have a problem with the Fed being audited, before robotically repeating his “9,9,9″ tax hike agenda.
    Within hours, the Paul campaign responded by pointing out precisely where Cain had expressed his opposition to auditing the Fed, with the aid of the very same Internet that Cain derided as an inaccurate source of information.
    Unfortunately for the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, the world wide web turned out to be very accurate in documenting Cain’s deception.
    On December 29, 2010, Cain, former director and chairman at the Kansas City Federal Reserve, said the following.
    “Some people say that we ought to audit the Fed. Here’s what I do know. The Federal Reserve already has so many internal audits it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why people think we’re gonna learn this great amount of information by auditing the Federal Reserve. I think a lot of people are calling for this audit of the Federal Reserve because they don’t know enough about it. There’s no hidden secrets going on in the Federal Reserve to my knowledge.”

    Not only has Cain been exposed as a liar on prime time television, but the controversy also throws fresh spotlight on his ridiculous claim that the Fed has not acted in secrecy.
    As we have since learned, most of the secret $16 trillion in Federal Reserve bailout funds between 2008 and 2010 went to foreign banks in places like Belgium, Japan and Libya.
    “The biggest borrowers from the 97-year-old discount window as the program reached its crisis-era peak were foreign banks, accounting for at least 70 percent of the $110.7 billion borrowed during the week in October 2008 when use of the program surged to a record,” reported Bloomberg.
    Before the Federal Reserve was legally forced to disclose the details of where the bailout money went, Chairman Ben Bernanke attempted to hide its destination by refusing to tell elected Congressmen like Alan Grayson and Ron Paul which financial institutions received bailout funds.
    No “hidden secrets,” then Herman?
    Cain’s total disregard for the truth and his transparent efforts to cover-up his sympathies for the Federal Reserve, the very source of America’s economic decline, by lying to the American people on national television, should torpedo any notion that Cain should even be considered as a Republican presidential candidate.
    Just like Rick Perry before him, expect Cain’s campaign, backed by his “9,9,9″ gimmick, which would increase taxes for middle class Americans, to crash and burn as more spotlight is thrown on his Federal Reserve connections.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  17. Good info.

    I always have an open mind.

  18. Cain seemed like a complete tool last night. His 999 plan sounds pretty damn useless and he keeps talking about how "bold" it, and therefore he, is. Give me a break. I didn't realize he was outright lying there, but he seem generally insincere the entire time.

    Perry seemed to think that if he is elected president that he will make jobs magically appear out of the earth just like in Texas. Too bad the rest of the country doesn't have the natural resources (oil/gas) that Texas does.

    Romney seems to want to conquer the world? He wants to make America the strongest country in the world... with the strongest military. Guess we don't need to elect him since we already have the strongest military in the world.

    Bachmann was babbling about broken hearts and adopting children. Whatever.

    Most of the candidate seem to think they're grand master wizards who can make jobs appear out of nowhere, despite our educational system producing unskilled workers. Maybe if our children are better educated and college becomes more affordable then we would have a more competitive workforce, thus a more prosperous economy. But maybe that's too much work; we can just elect one of these wizards instead. Sorry, but a little tax tweak here or there is not going to fix our economy.

    They were also pretty good at bashing democrats and placing all the blame on them. Fortunately Ron Paul was there to tell them that the republicans have been screwing up the economy before O'Bama came along.

    Anyway, I just don't get how people buy into the garbage most of the candidates are trying to feed us. I didn't see the whole debate, but those are just my thoughts on what I saw.

  19. Cain looked lost, which was expected now that he is a front runner. People were on the attack from him. I did like the Fed comments when he wanted Greenspan and Paul's head looked like it was about to explode.

    They are all terrible up there, however barring something unforeseen, Romney will be the nominee.

    Oh and Ax, you and RP need to take the tinfoil off for a little while

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  20. GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Could Win the Republican Nomination

    Perry, Romney and Cain will all fade away, says Burkman

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 13, 2011

    Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that “Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination,” given the fact that Perry and Romney’s campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

    “I can see Ron Paul catching on….if you look at the whole range of issues and if you look at who else is out there, there aren’t a lot of choices,” said Burkman.
    Adding that Ron Paul tied together a lot of concerns shared by social conservatives, Burkman stated, “I’m going to make a bold prediction – Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination. A lot of people are going to think that’s fanciful, let’s take a look at it, Perry is starting to stumble, Bachmann and Gingrich probably already out, Romney the frontrunner….it’s impossible for him to win, he can’t get through the South on Super Tuesday, question becomes who’s left.”
    Burkman added that Herman Cain, although surging in polls at present, had “no real political experience” and that his campaign would eventually go nowhere.
    “I could easily see Paul surging,” concluded Burkman.
    Burkman can hardly be dismissed as a Paulite cheerleader, indeed he is one of the few mainstream media talking heads who dares to admit that Ron Paul has a chance of success.
    Burkman is a Washington DC-based political consultant and regularly appears on mainstream networks, including Fox News, ABC News, MSNBC and CNN.
    As we have documented, the establishment is petrified that Ron Paul could build the kind of momentum that would catapult him to the head of a line in a field dominated by compromised candidates who all have skeletons in their closet, from Herman Cain’s Fed connections to Mitt Romney’s Obamacare identikit past.
    That’s why they’ve deliberately crafted a policy to ignore, dismiss and ridicule his campaign, despite the fact that Paul has repeatedly performed well in both straw polls and national polls of likely Republican voters.

    It’s also why Ron Paul is routinely given significantly less time in televised debates than the likes of Romney, Cain and Rick Perry.
    As we reported earlier this week, Tony Perkins, the principal organizer of the Values Voters Summit derided his own group’s straw poll as irrelevant after Ron Paul won, dismissing the results as not being “truly reflective of where values voters stand.”
    Speaking before the results were announced, Congressman Paul stated, “If I win, it wouldn’t be as important to the media than if I lose.”
    Indeed, Perkins’ dismissal of the importance of the poll result continues the trend where straw polls are only deemed important if they are won by establishment Republicans.
    When Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, the mainstream media gushed with enthusiasm and immediately classified Bachmann as a frontrunner, while completely ignoring Ron Paul’s strong second place showing less than 200 votes behind the Minnesota Republican.
    However, when Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll just weeks later, the corporate press all but blacklisted the story.
    Both CNN and Fox News have also sabotaged their own polls after Ron Paul emerged as the winner, CNN by swapping the poll to get different results and Fox News by deleting it from from their website altogether.
    This process of downplaying Paul’s victories while trumpeting those of his rivals is how the establishment attempts to dictate reality – this is how “frontrunners” are manufactured from the top down.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  21. Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike

    Fabricated terror plot provides pretext for intervention following Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 13, 2011

    The Obama administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones.

    Israel is concerned that major powers like Germany are moving closer to smoothing relations with Iran and allowing Iran to continue its nuclear enrichment program unimpeded. A two month window has been allocated during which Israel has the opportunity to launch a military assault, waiting until winter when the attack will be more difficult to pull off is not an option.

    US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit was used by Israeli hawks to convince the United States that it should green light the attack. Less than 10 days later, a fanciful terror plot involving a used car salesman was invented to implicate Iran and create the pretext for a military assault.

    “In recent weeks, intense discussions have taken place in Israeli military and intelligence circles about whether or not to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently, the key question in the debate was how to ensure that the United States took part in the attack or, at the very least, intervened on Israel’s side if the initial strike triggered a wider war,” writes Patrick Seale of Gulf News.
    That intervention has now been mandated by the announcement of the fabricated terror plot, which was actually concocted last month but only made public now.

    While U.S. intelligence officials prepare to release claims about a “chain” of plots that will be blamed on Iran, Time Magazine reports that the Obama administration is preparing to use the accusations to take action beyond mere isolation tactics.
    “If the Administration fails to win support for a significant escalation of sanctions or other forms of punishment for the Tehran regime after presenting evidence of the latest allegations of Iranian malfeasance, the ball will land back in Obama’s court,” writes Tony Karon. “Having made the case that Iran has crossed a red line, he will be under growing pressure to act — or risk entering a highly polarized election season haunted by a “soft on Iran” charge.”

    With neo-cons rushing to support aggressive measures against Iran, Obama will now be given right cover to pursue yet another act of regime change. As we postulated back in February last year, Obama is being blackmailed into supporting an attack on Iran as the only way to save his presidency. We also speculated that an assassination attempt would be used as the pretext to implicate Iran.
    Geopolitical experts have been consistent in their warnings that Israel was preparing to strike Iran this fall.

    Back in July, 21-year CIA veteran Robert Baer told KPFK Los Angeles that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning an attack on Iran in September to coincide with the Palestine bid for UN membership.
    Speaking with the Alex Jones Show today, former State Department official Steve Pieczenik, who has numerous inside intelligence sources having worked in several sensitive positions during the course of his career, also indicated that the terror plot was completely fabricated and that it would be used a pretext to justify a military strike against Iran.

    Pieczenik also pointed out that Israel had recently taken delivery of a large amount of bunker buster missiles.
    As we have documented, the alleged assassination plot against Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, which is now being cited by everyone from John Kerry to John McCain as a justification for a potential military strike, is a complete fantasy.

    Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer has revealed that an FBI insider with a high security clearance told him no records whatsoever detailing the plot existed within DOJ channels, clearly indicating the whole episode was manufactured.
    It has also now emerged that the alleged “mastermind” behind the plot was a drunk pothead who liked to frequent with prostitutes and was described by those who know him as a “joke”.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  22. Scientific Study Confirms Ron Paul Being Given LEAST Face Time In Debates

    Even less than Santorum, Huntsman, Gingrich

    Steve Watson
    October 14, 2011

    Despite being consistently ranked in the top three in GOP presidential candidate preference polls, Ron Paul has been given the least time to speak OUT OF ALL THE CANDIDATES at the debates that have taken place thus far.
    Confirmation of this fact comes in the form of a study from the University of Minnesota, published to the Smart Politics blog.
    The study has tallied the total face time that candidates were afforded during the last three debates. The results speak for themselves.

    TPM took these numbers and displayed them visually below:

    Ron Paul has received just 18 minutes and 47 seconds of time, less than any other candidate, and less than half the time that Mitt Romney has been allowed.
    Indeed, Romney has racked up a total of 41 minutes and 9 seconds of speaking time over the debates, close to seven minutes more than the next closest candidate, Rick Perry who has received 34 minutes, 12 seconds.
    The Study notes that during Tuesday’s debate, Romney received a full quarter of the speaking time, meaning he had almost double the time of all the other candidates and approaching three times the amount Ron Paul was given.
    Despite being placed third in a Harvard University Institute of Politics and New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll prior to the Washington Post/Bloomberg debate, Ron Paul received just 26 and 21 seconds more speaking time than Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum respectively.
    Even when he is not speaking, it seems Romney is the focus of the attention, on Tuesday Romney was afforded:
    · 194 percent more camera time than Rick Santorum
    · 190 percent more than Jon Huntsman
    · 171 percent more than Ron Paul
    · 157 percent more than Newt Gingrich
    · 103 percent more than Michele Bachmann
    · 100 percent more than Herman Cain
    · 77 percent more than Rick Perry
    The gross inequality displayed here will only serve to confirm assertions that the mainstream media is engaged in a conspiracy to sideline, ignore and discredit Paul’s campaign.

    Even the authors of the study at the University of Minnesota question the amount of time Paul is getting. They note:
    “The fact that Congressman Paul has received less than half the amount of speaking time as Romney (and less than any other candidate) is curious considering the libertarian firebrand has run third or fourth in most polls throughout the last several months.”
    The establishment denigrates Paul’s campaign not because they think he can’t win, but because they’re scared he could win. That’s why they’ve made it their job to try and derail his momentum at every turn. It’s their job to manipulate the American public into thinking they’re wasting their vote if they support Paul because he has no chance of winning, when the opposite is true, he has every chance of winning, if only he was given an equal platform with the other candidates.
    The Paul campaign today released another ad, this time titled simply “Life”. In a moving and personal account, Dr Paul Explains why he opposes abortion, and recounts an experience of watching an abortion firsthand.
    The spot will air next week in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

    Watch the ad:
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  23. Note from me: This post isnt to show any support on my part for the Nazi's and Communists. This post is just to build awareness.

    Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements

    Jim Hoft
    October 16, 2011
    Wow. Just wow.

    The American Nazi Party likes what it sees.
    Today the American Nazi Party released a statement in support of Occupy Wall Street movement.
    The foremost authority on National Socialism in America has this to say about “Occupy” [ANP leader Rocky Suhayda -ed.] :
    What is really MISSING – is the “MOVEMENT” from these popular protests – its time to pull WN heads out of their collective ass’s, and JOIN IN the attack on Judeo-Capitalism. What do you suggest? That WN Working Class White people DEFEND the Judeo-Capitalists? IF the “movement” wasn’t so PATHETIC it would be OUT THERE – LEADING these protests! The fact that its these “lefties” as you call them, who are picking up the ball and running with it – only shows how much more in tune THEY are with the fed up masses of White Workers, than the fossilized, reactionary “right-wing”. WHO holds the WEALTH and POWER in this country – the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO is therefore the #1 ENEMY who makes all this filth happen – the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO therefore do WN need to FIGHT? My heart is right there with these people, perhaps someday the “movement” will SHOW the same COURAGE and DEDICATION that these people OUT THERE FIGHTING are SHOWING!
    Sincerely, ROCKY SUHAYDA Hail Victory! 88!
    Then there’s this…
    The Communist Party USA also supports the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street Protests.

    From the CPUSA website:
    This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital.
    The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) will hold a national teleconference to discuss it:
    Arturo Cambron
    The Communist Party and the Occupy L.A. Movement
    Tuesday, October 11, 8 pm Eastern
    Teleconference number: 605-475-4850 (please note this is the corrected number. ignore previous.)
    Access code: 1053538#
    Southern California Party leader Arturo Cambron will share how the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) are working in “Occupy Los Angeles.”
    This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance. Ordinary people are donating food, money and materials.
    In many areas, the “Occupy Movement” is linking up with the National American Wants to Work Week of Actions, Oct. 10-16.
    No doubt the “Arab Spring” demonstrations and those that exploded in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere have inspired it. But underlying it all is the economic crisis, the massive unemployment and growing realization that nothing is getting better, and in fact we may be slipping into a “double dip” crisis. The crushing student debt and the feeling of being locked out of society with no future compound this.
    The movement is the newest wrinkle in the all-people’s upsurge against the banks and corporations and reflects a new level of class-consciousness.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  24. US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran

    Battle-ready troops on standby as tensions rise following dubious assassination plot

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, October 17, 2011

    The United States will this week commence huge military maneuvers aimed at Iran, with a massive air fleet patrolling middle eastern skies ready to land at any time, in response to Iran’s involvement in an alleged assassination plot that experts have labeled dubious, amidst fears that US and Israeli targets could be hit by attacks.

    As we reported last week, during US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit, Israeli hawks attempted to persuade Panetta to give the green light for a military strike on Iran. Within ten days, details of an alleged assassination plot against a Saudi ambassador emerged and the foiled attack was blamed on Iran. Innumerable experts immediately voiced their doubts about the authenticity of the plot, with 21-year CIA veteran Robert Baer labeling the story “a truly awful Hollywood script”.

    The US military will respond this week with a series of significant military maneuvers designed to threaten Iran, including, “an American air fleet in Middle East skies ready to land at any moment for any contingency,” reports DebkaFile.

    “The United States launches a large-scale exercise over the Middle East deploying 41 giant transports of the 22nds Airlift Squadron Monday Oct. 17,” states the report, adding that the aircraft will be packed with fully equipped, battle ready troops.

    A further seven warships from the Stennis Battle Group will also “provide ground troops with combat support and strike land and sea targets.”

    The Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi armies have also been placed on maximum preparedness, echoing reports that U.S. troops being sent to the region have also been put on full alert.

    The maneuvers are also linked to the scheduled release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas on Tuesday, an event that US intelligence officials fear could set off a chain of attacks in the region against US and Israeli targets. Should embassies be targeted, US troops will be in place to react swiftly.

    Geopolitical experts have been consistent in their warnings that Israel was preparing to strike Iran this fall.

    Back in July, CIA veteran Baer told KPFK Los Angeles that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning an attack on Iran in September to coincide with the Palestine bid for UN membership.
    Whether the maneuvers are merely designed to be an act of belligerence against Iran or represent preparations for an actual military strike in support of Israel remains to be seen, but as Gulf News reporter Patrick Seale pointed out Friday, the window of opportunity for an attack on Iran is closing.
    “Some western military experts have been quoted as saying that the window of opportunity for an Israeli air attack on Iran will close within two months, since the onset of winter would make such an assault more difficult,” writes Seale, adding that the Israelis’ eagerness to launch the attack has “caused considerable alarm in Washington and in a number of European capitals.”
    Both Republican and Democratic US lawmakers have issued strong statements against Iran in recent days, with several all but calling for war. Last week, New York Republican Peter King called on the Obama administration to put troops on standby, labeling the alleged Iranian assassination plot “an act of war”. On Sunday, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned that the US and Iran were on a “collision course”.


    October 16, 2011

    The Video That Scares The Federal Reserve Traitors

    The criminal private Federal Reserve System is afraid of the video below that shows the naked truth about the evil nature of America's central bank.

    The Federal Reserve is not a legitimate government institution. It is a private banking cartel and a criminal organization that is acting against the interests of the American people and the American economy.

    Since its founding in 1913, the Federal Reserve has been a blood-sucking leech on the American economy, the American nation and the American people.

    The Federal Reserve must be abolished, and its directors must be brought to justice for their crimes against America and humanity.

    Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan must also be hanged for their crimes and acts of treason against America.

    Head of Security at San Antonio Fed Admits Institution is Private

    Alex Jones addresses the latest intimidation tactic from the private Federal Reserve bank, whose San Antonio branch has filed a privacy violation with You Tube demanding the removal of a video filmed at the location during an “occupy” rally. Alex tells them cease and desist this action, which violates the First Amendment.
    Federal Reserve branches across the country have a long history of trying to stifle free speech and press coverage, from fraudulently claiming that filming its buildings is illegal to threatening arrest and more.

    Head of Security at San Antonio Fed Admits Institution is Private

    Private FED Moves To Ban Critical Video!

    We have received a privacy claim by agents of the FED. They are threatening to remove the video and take down the channel within 36 hours if we don't bow down to their demands. Alex is preparing a video response later and will talk about this more on the (Monday Edition) of the Alex Jones Show. Alex is also looking at taking legal action against the Privately owned Federal Reserve for violating his crews first amendment rights when they were shooting film at a world war one memorial back in April 2009.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  25. Federal Records Show Romney Campaign Bought And Paid For By Big Banks

    Ron Paul’s campaign financed by active duty servicemen and women, grassroots supporters

    Steve Watson
    October 19, 2011

    A new independent analysis of 2012 presidential candidates’ campaign contributions confirms that Mitt Romney is the banksters’ choice for the GOP nominee, and indeed for President.
    Records of campaign contributions based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically this past weekend, reveal that Romney’s top 20 donors are made up almost exclusively of the biggest private banks on the planet.
    Among Romney’s top twenty donors are Credit Suisse Group, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo and Citigroup Inc.
    By far and away Romney’s largest campaign contributions have emanated from employees and officials at Goldman Sachs, with a total of $354,700 donated.

    The donations are tallied from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.
    Remember that the limit on donating to candidates is $2,400 per person, as per the Federal Election Campaign Act.

    In stark contrast to Romney, and every other candidate for that matter, the top three organizations that employ Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters are the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy.
    Indeed, the latest figures once again show that the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign has raised more donations from active military than all other presidential candidates—Republican or Democrat.
    Paul tallied more than $75,000 from servicemen and women in the third quarter.
    Paul also raised more from active military than all other GOP competitors combined, and more than incumbent President Barack Obama.
    Unlike the majority of the rest of the field, Ron Paul’s donations have come solely from individuals and not from the use of PACs, bundling, subsidiaries and the like – indicating that the Congressman is the only candidate with purely grassroots support.

    “This fundraising analysis confirms Americans’ beliefs about Ron Paul and their suspicions about Mitt Romney.” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton in a statement.
    “It is that Dr. Paul is extraordinarily popular and accepted by the everyman and by everyday heroes, while Romney relies almost exclusively on his big-business ties,” Benton added.
    Paul’s modest foreign policy, his continued support and tireless work with and on behalf of veterans and his truly authentic anti-war credentials are all factors behind his large pool of active military support.
    “Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the growing number of unconstitutional undeclared wars, having an unclear connection to U.S. national security, end costly overseas nation-building that pays no friendship dividends, and stop subsidizing global security.” said Jesse Benton.
    “Instead Dr. Paul will bring our troops home, secure our borders and lead the nation in practicing a traditional Republican noninterventionist foreign policy.” Benton added.
    Paul is placed fourth in the fundraising stakes, behind Obama, Romney and Perry, so far in the three quarters of the year that have passed.

    Last night’s debate in Las Vegas saw every candidate bickering and viciously attacking one and other over each of their flip flopping principles and big government voting records.
    Only one candidate remains immune from such shameful displays – because his consistent and untainted record speaks for itself.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  26. Hitler reacts to iPhone 4S / 5 launch event
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  27. Ha, pretty funny.

  28. Did Navy Use Spice Bust to Intimidate Sailors on Osama Boat into Silence?

    Kurt Nimmo
    October 21, 2011

    It looks like the U.S. Navy is attempting to intimidate sailors on the ship that we were told buried Osama bin Laden at sea.
    On Thursday, the Navy said it would discharge 64 sailors – 49 from the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson that supposedly carried the body of the former CIA asset to its watery grave – for using and distributing the legally available drug Spice.

    “The use of designer drugs, to include Spice, is illegal and the Navy continues to aggressively investigate the use of synthetic drugs and hold those in violation accountable,” Vice Admiral Gerald Beaman, commander of the Third Fleet, said in a written statement. “The Navy’s policy on drug abuse is simple and clear — zero tolerance.”
    The psychoactive product Spice was banned by a punitive general order issued on January 4, 2010 by the Commander Marine Corps Forces after it was discovered that Navy, Army and Marine Corps personnel were using it.
    Last November the DEA used its “emergency” (and unconstitutional) powers to make cannabicyclohexanol and other chemicals found in “synthetic cannabis” illegal.

    The Obama administration refused to release any information demonstrating that Navy SEALs had killed Osama bin Laden earlier this year. In the United States, many people accepted the government’s version of supposed events, while Pakistanis and others in the Middle East and around the world were skeptical.
    Reports that Osama bin Laden died in December of 2001 appeared in the corporate media, but soon were shuffled to the memory hole after the government decided to exploit the former CIA asset as a nemesis in its global war on manufactured terrorism propaganda narrative.
    Following the media hype about the alleged burial at sea, sailors told local media that they were unaware that Osama’s body was on the Vinson and only heard about the event after watching Obama make an announcement on television.
    “Crew of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, claimed to be unaware of any special operation against the al-Qaeda leader until it was all over,” The Standard reported on May 23, 2011. “However they declined to discuss the issue in detail.”
    “We have 5000 sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson, and none of them have tweeted, emailed or confirmed the burial at sea story,” a sailor wrote on a forum. “No pictures from these sailors either, all have cell phones, no calls home to Mom and Dad saying what they witnessed.”
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  29. Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Occupy Wall Street protesters: City will now require permits

    [LEFT]Mayor Bloomberg said Friday that he's going to start turning the screws on the Occupy Wall Streeters.

    The city is planning to take a harder line on demonstrators camping out in Zuccotti Park - and insist on permits every time they want to march through Lower Manhattan, he said.
    "We will start enforcing that more," Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show

    Read more:

    Withdrawal of US Troops From Iraq Highly Suspect

    Think-tank designs for Iran leave only Israeli attack & coaxed provocation for total war on table.

    Tony Cartalucci
    October 22, 2011

    Tony Cartalucci
    October 22, 2011
    October 22, 2011 - For ten months the Obama administration has presided over the “Arab Spring,” a geopolitical gambit years in the making, and executed simultaneously in multiple nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa in the beginning of 2011. The regional conflagration was stoked by a steady stream of first, denial, even feigned surprise, with covert support for US-backed opposition groups, then more overt support, and finally NATO airstrikes, weapons, training, and special operations forces lent to the rebellion in Libya and weapons and support sent to Syria’s militants. These collective efforts stretching from Tunisia and leading up to Iran’s doorstep serve a singular agenda -that is, to contain and ultimately overturn the reemergence of Russia as well as containing the rise of China.

    Toppling Iran
    Integral to this stated agenda, is the toppling of Iran’s government and its integration into the Wall Street-London “international order.” Efforts to topple Syria’s government by US-backed and now apparently armed opposition groups aim to isolate and even provoke the Islamic Republic into a suitable justification for US or Israeli (or both) retaliation. As reported on extensively, the literal playbook from which these stratagems are drawn is the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” report. In it, it specifically states:
    “…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.) ”
    The 2009 “Green Revolution” was just such an attempt at “covert regime change” to “goad Iran into such a provocation” though it ignominiously failed. It appears that in addition to funding, arming, and harboring the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), the US has also taken to entirely fabricating “such provocations.” The recent DEA-Saudi bomb plot announced by Attorney General Eric Holder stands on tenuous grounds, even more so now that Iran has counterclaimed that the supposed Quds Forces member the US implicated may in fact be a member of the above stated US-backed MEK terrorist organization. The US has done all in its power to coax Saudi Arabia into taking a harder line against Tehran. The Brookings report had this to say about that in 2009:
    “For instance, Saudi Arabia is positively apoplectic about the Iranians’ nuclear program, as well as about their mischief making in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories. Yet, so far, Riyadh has made clear that it will not support military operations of any kind against Iran. Certainly that could change, but it is hard to imagine what it would take.”

    “…it is hard to imagine what it would take.” Perhaps MEK terrorists posing as Quds Forces, entrapping a drug addicted used-car salesman to arrange a bomb plot against a Saudi ambassador and then blaming it on Iran.
    With the fate of Libya hanging in the balance, with US troops still occupying both Iraq and Afghanistan, and with renewed vigor aimed toward Syria after the alleged fall of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, it is incredibly unlikely that the US has abandoned its plans to ultimately topple the Iranian regime as the crescendo to this ongoing regional campaign. In fact, many amongst Obama’s own administration have been the most rabid supporters of executing the final leg of this long-term strategy started under the Bush administration. The 2008 presidential runner-up John McCain, and of course the same collection of unelected, corporate-funded policy makers from the halls of Brookings Institution, the Foreign Policy Initiative and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) have also been more than eager in pushing this agenda along.
    That these policy makers, who have helped engineer and support the current course Obama is on, are now sulking over Obama’s decision to pull troops out of Iraq when in fact Obama doesn’t, never has, and never will make such decisions, is highly suspect. Kenneth Pollack, one of the co-authors of the “Which Path to Persia?” report, recently expressed dismay in his article titled, “With a Whimper, Not a Bang.” Frederick Kagan, the corporate-funded AEI architect behind the Iraq “troop surge” also lamented in a piece titled, “Obama abandons Iraq.” Kagan explicitly claims that the withdrawal would be “giving Tehran the single most important demand it has pursued for years—the complete withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq.”
    Possible Scenarios
    The US is at least peddling the illusion it is clearing out its holdings in Iraq, leaving a symbolic force for a reason – a reason that has to do with a final gambit to be played against Iran, the last domino to fall in the US-contrived “Arab Spring.” These are two possible scenarios:
    1. Leave a small symbolic force for the Iranians to attack in Iraq after a “unilateral” Israeli airstrike. Whatever Iran decides to do, it may not be able to do sustainably, but will do viciously in the opening phases. By leaving a symbolic force in Iraq, the US can garner the necessary sympathy and anger politically at home to launch a wider operation against Iran in “retaliation.”
    2. Feign as if the US is disengaging from the Middle East so when a false flag terror attack or other provocation is perpetrated against the US, it will look like an egregious act of war by Iran. While a shrinking US presence in the Middle East would logically engender even more patience in Tehran, the script writers of the latest DEA-Saudi bomb plot took special care to ensure the “Iran has become bolder” talking-point made it repetitively on air and into the minds of unsuspecting Americans.
    This is more than mere idle speculation. In the Brookings Institution report, “Which Path to Persia?” nearly all but the most extreme measures proposed in the report have been executed. The only options left on the table unused include a unilateral Israeli airstrike designed to provoke a significant retaliation thus bringing the US into war with Iran and a variety of options to provoke a full-scale invasion.
    In a section of the report titled, “Leave it to Bibi: Allowing or Encouraging an Israeli Military Strike,” (page 89, page 102 of the .pdf) it appears that Israeli intelligence is also working with the terrorist organization MEK:
    “Israeli intelligence operations against Iran were stepped up even earlier and have included use of third parties to publicize the Iranian threat without revealing the Israeli hand. Iran’s secret enrichment and heavy-water reactor programs were publicly exposed in August 2002 by an Iranian dissident group (the Mujahedin-e Khalq), which reportedly was unwittingly fed the information by Israeli intelligence.”
    The report goes on to say of an American approved Israeli airstrike:
    “However, as noted in the previous chapter, the airstrikes themselves are really just the start of this policy. Again, the Iranians would doubtless rebuild their nuclear sites. They would probably retaliate against Israel, and they might retaliate against the United States, too (which might create a pretext for American airstrikes or even an invasion.)”
    Allowing the Israelis to attack by air, and sacrificing US troops on the ground in Iraq as a pretext for greater war is most certainly a possibility. The report continues on by stating the necessity of maintaining a certain level of plausible deniablity regarding the Israeli airstrikes. US troops in Iraq would by default implicate America in any Israeli airstrike that would need to pass over Iraqi airspace. US troops “in retreat” in Iraq could possibly mitigate such implications as well as make an Iranian retaliation seem all the more “outrageous, deadly, and unprovoked.”
    We can be sure that after years of carrying forth an agenda that proceeded his presidency, Obama has not all the sudden decided to unilaterally pull troops from Iraq. His administration’s duplicity and eagerness throughout the US-contrived “Arab Spring” all but assure us that the overarching agenda still includes encircling and toppling the government in Iran. It has not escaped the attention of the White House that a withdrawal from Iraq would give Iran its greatly desired breathing room and would greatly diminish America’s influence throughout the Middle East.
    Just like the false rapprochement of the West with Libya’s Qaddafi before the US rearmed, reorganized, and let loose the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), when the West returns to torment Tehran, it will come back with a vengeance. Keep an eye on Israel for their attack and the complicit United States waiting to once again “lead from behind.” And if you have someone you know in the US military stationed in Iraq staying behind, prepare for the absolute worse. As Henry Kissinger once so bluntly stated, “military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” (Woodward and Bernstein The Final Days in chapter 14). Certainly, a few dead G.I.s in Iraq after an Iranian retaliation for an Israeli airstrike would be just the pawns needed for “foreign policy” to move forward.
    One can only hope this pessimistic analysis is entirely wrong, and that the US has overreached and has simply decided to withdraw from the battlefield and ultimately from empire. However, if unrest continues to unfold in Syria, which is essentially a low-intensity US proxy war against Damascus, and in turn against Tehran, we can be sure any optimism will be quickly dashed against the rocks by the Wall Street-London corporate-financier oligarchs.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  30. Hitler is informed Gaddafi has been killed

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  31. Hitler throws his shoes at President Bush

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  32. TSA Chief Napolitano Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009

    DHS chief tells House committee she had nothing to do with gun running scandal, when she helped launch precursor to the program in 2009

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Despite telling a House Judiciary Committee yesterday that she only learned of operation Fast and Furious in December last year when the controversy went public, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano actually helped launch the previous incarnation of the program, Project Gunrunner, at a White House press conference in March 2009.

    “Napolitano, at one point likening the questioning to a cross-examination, said repeatedly she only learned of “Fast and Furious” after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December,” reports Fox News. “She emphasized the operation, conceived and run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, “was an ATF operation,” under the auspices of the Justice Department, not her department.”
    However, as the video above documents, not only was Napolitano aware of the ATF program to put guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords, she actually helped launch the previous incarnation of it, Project Gun Runner, at a White House press conference alongside Deputy Attorney General David Ogden in March 2009.
    Operation Fast and Furious, which began in the fall of 2009, was merely an offshoot of Project Gun Runner, which was the umbrella program for a series of gun running projects under the ATF that stretched back to 2006.
    In the 2009 video, Napolitano clearly explains the process of using the eTrace system to track guns as they went into Mexico under Project Gunrunner. This same system would later be used for the subsequent phase of the same overarching program, Operation Fast and Furious.

    Of course, the entire notion of the federal government tracking the firearms in order to target Mexican drug cartels lost credibility when it was revealed that when the guns reached the border “the agency seemed to lose track of the weapons,” which were later used to kill border patrol agent Brian Terry and other innocent people. Of the 2,000 guns knowingly released by ATF agents, 1400 were never recovered.
    During yesterday’s testimony, Napolitano also dubiously claimed that she had not spoken to Attorney General Eric Holder about Fast and Furious.
    Contrary to his Congressional testimony, records show that Holder was sent briefings on Fast and Furious by both Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer and the National Drug Intelligence Center in July 2010, almost a year before he told a Judiciary Committee hearing, “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”
    Napolitano’s claim that she knew nothing of Fast and Furious until it hit the news headlines is almost certainly a brazen lie, since she was responsible for launching the previous incarnation of the same program less than two years earlier. If the DHS chief is found to have lied under oath, she is guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice, and faces a jail sentence of a minimum of five years.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  33. Armed Citizen Militia Shows Up At Occupy Phoenix

    Group is affiliated with neo-nazi fringe
    Paul Joseph Watson
    October 30, 2011

    Armed citizen militia group US Border Guard is making its presence felt at the Occupy Phoenix demonstration to protect free speech rights, arguing that the second amendment prevents the state from abusing the first amendment.
    The group has been labeled “neo-nazis” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is usually a demonization tactic, but the individual shown in the clip, “JT Ready” has attended neo-nazi rallies and is closely affiliated with the fringe National Socialist Party.
    The group has also operated as a “Minutemen on steroids” outfit, organizing armed patrols of the US border with Mexico.
    As we have previously highlighted, the fringe neo-nazi movement has been completely infiltrated by the FBI, right down to the level where an FBI informant actually got caught organizing a neo-nazi rally in Orlando back in 2007.
    Is this a means of infiltrating the ‘Occupy’ movement, a minority fringe extremist group trying to attach itself to the protesters, or merely concerned citizens expressing their right to bear arms peaceably?
    Opinions will undoubtedly be split, but one certainty is the fact that the establishment media instantly seized upon groups like this attaching themselves to the Tea Party rallies as a smear tactic to claim the whole movement was racist and violent. However, in the case of ‘Occupy’, the mainstream networks have largely ignored making such connections.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  34. Kenyan, Keynesian? We’re in Big Trouble

    Kurt Nimmo
    October 31, 2011

    If the video below in any way reflects the mental capacity of the average American, we’re in big trouble. The folks interviewed appear to be incapable of reading English.

    Well, one guy can – and he still doesn’t know if Obama is a Keynesian.
    The Keynesian theory of economics became the norm after the Great Depression and the Second World War. It is the centralized, collectivist government approach to a managed economy. It is the philosophical core of a fiat paper money system manipulated by the bankers and their cartel, the Federal Reserve.
    Millions of Americans are clueless when it comes to economics. Public schools do not teach students how modern collectivist economics works.
    That’s why we have to stop calling Obama a Keynesian. He was born in Hawaii, after all.
    Thanks to Karen De Coster for finding this very revealing video.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  35. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Unbelievable.

  36. Every time I read the first posting here I laugh because Chaney's first name is starred out lol

  37. Infowars Launches 24 Plus Hour Offensive Against Tyranny
    November 1, 2011 In a few short hours, Alex Jones will launch a money-bomb. It is crucial his effort be successful if we are going to expand our reach and take the message of liberty to the next level.

    As Paul Joseph Watson noted yesterday, the Infowars media operation does not enjoy the largess of foundations and government funding, or can it tap millions of dollars from corporate coffers. It is up to you to help us fund the operation. Now more than ever, we depend on your determination to spread the truth and counter the endless propaganda of the global elite. It is time to defeat their slick media machine.

    Beginning today, and Prison are featuring a prelude including a live video stream of Alex’s show from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST and his Nightly News show at 7 PM, content usually reserved for Prison subscribers. You can watch the show in the video players located below.

    George Noory, David Icke, Fritz Springmeier, and so many others will join Alex on Thursday during the 24 hour marathon session. A full list of guests and features will be posted soon. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for additional information and features.
    Tune in on Thursday and also watch the weekday show now. Tell your friends and family about the money-bomb. If you can’t donate money during these tough financial times, please do your part by spreading the word to others.

    Watch for free our live broadcasts from here (scroll down for free live feeds, live feeds officially start 11AM Nov.3)

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  38. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    Infowars Launches 24 Plus Hour Offensive Against Tyranny
    November 1, 2011 In a few short hours, Alex Jones will launch a money-bomb. It is crucial his effort be successful if we are going to expand our reach and take the message of liberty to the next level.

    As Paul Joseph Watson noted yesterday, the Infowars media operation does not enjoy the largess of foundations and government funding, or can it tap millions of dollars from corporate coffers. It is up to you to help us fund the operation. Now more than ever, we depend on your determination to spread the truth and counter the endless propaganda of the global elite. It is time to defeat their slick media machine.

    Beginning today, and Prison are featuring a prelude including a live video stream of Alex’s show from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST and his Nightly News show at 7 PM, content usually reserved for Prison subscribers. You can watch the show in the video players located below.

    George Noory, David Icke, Fritz Springmeier, and so many others will join Alex on Thursday during the 24 hour marathon session. A full list of guests and features will be posted soon. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for additional information and features.
    Tune in on Thursday and also watch the weekday show now. Tell your friends and family about the money-bomb. If you can’t donate money during these tough financial times, please do your part by spreading the word to others.

    Watch for free our live broadcasts from here (scroll down for free live feeds, live feeds officially start 11AM Nov.3)

    Live 24 hours infowars broadcast and special fundraising event on now!!! (click "live feed" above video box)
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  39. Obama Tells Allies U.S. Will Attack Iran By Fall 2012

    President prepared to use war as re-election campaign tool
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, November 4, 2011
    Barack Obama has told America’s allies that the United States will attack Iran before fall 2012 unless Tehran halts its nuclear program, a time frame that suggests Obama is willing to use war as a re-election campaign tool to rally the population around his leadership.

    A subscriber-only report by DebkaFile, the Israeli intelligence outfit which has been proven accurate in the past, reveals that shortly after the end of NATO operations in Libya at the start of this week, “President Barack Obama went on line to America’s senior allies, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with notice of his plan to attack Iran no later than September-October 2012 – unless Tehran halted its nuclear weaponization programs.”
    According to the report, the window of opportunity for an attack before Iran moves the bulk of its nuclear processing underground is quickly evaporating.
    Obama’s directive contributed to the flurry of reports this week about NATO powers putting their Iran war contingency plans on standby.
    “Obama’s announcement was not perceived as a general directive to US allies, but a guideline to blow the dust off the contingency plans for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which stayed locked in bottom drawers for three years,” states the report, adding that “Obama’s announcement spurred Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Israel into girding their navies, air forces, ballistic units and anti-missile defense systems for the challenges ahead.”
    The imminent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is part of a program to re-arrange the United States’ presence in the Gulf. This dovetails with numerous reports over the past few weeks that large numbers of U.S. troops are being stationed in Kuwait.
    “Military sources in the Gulf report that NATO and Persian Gulf leaders are treating the prospect of a US strike against Iran with the utmost seriousness,” states the article, adding that America plans to rebuild its Gulf presence as part “of a new US focus on cutting Iran down to size.”

    The timing of a potential fall 2012 attack would of course coincide with Obama’s attempt to secure a second term in the White House. If by that time the United States has embarked on yet another military assault in the Middle East, it would undoubtedly play to Obama’s advantage, just as George W. Bush cited U.S. involvement in Iraq as a reason for voters not to “change horse” in the middle of a race back in 2004.
    As we have previously reported, influential neo-cons within the U.S. have made it clear to Obama that they will give him political cover and an opportunity to resurrect his flagging political career if he launched an attack on Iran.
    In February last year, vehement Israeli-firster and signatory to the infamous PNAC document Daniel Pipes wrote a piece for the National Review Online entitled, How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran, encouraging Obama to “salvage his tottering administration” by giving orders “for the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear-weapon capacity.”
    Rumors that Israel was preparing for an attack on Iran have been rumbling all summer, but they really came to the fore in early October when US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit was used as an opportunity by Israeli hawks to convince Panetta to green light the attack. Just ten days later, details emerged of a highly dubious assassination plot in the United States that was blamed on Iran.
    This week has seen a barrage of news and leaked information which confirms that Israel, the U.S. and the United Kingdom are all on a war footing in preparation for targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities.
    Much of that information came as a result of deliberate leaks by former Israeli intelligence chiefs Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin, who are attempting to derail the attack on Iran and remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office.
    DebkaFile has proven itself to be accurate in predicting the precise time frame of conflicts in the past, correctly reporting back in July that the war in Libya would come to a head in early September, which is when rebels seized Tripoli and Gaddafi went on the run.
    Should Obama and the United States’ NATO allies lead the attack on Iran, Israel itself is likely to take a back seat, according to reports which suggest the Zionist state will concentrate on defending the home front against likely reprisal attacks carried out by Hizballah.

    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

  40. Lord knows if infowars has it, it is destined to happen.

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