tatoo guys get in here

  1. tatoo guys get in here

    Need ideas for a half sleeve fire tattoo. Post pics

  2. ummmm.... not gonna insult anyone by posting any google image search pics. Personally, I design my own stuff. LOTS of designs, so little funds for ink! Except... getting a big 'en on my right calf this Sunday! WOOOO!!!!!

    For inspiration:
    (It's a cartoon skull version of ME!!!)
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  3. Damn I wish I could draw

  4. Quote Originally Posted by curls View Post
    Need ideas for a half sleeve fire tattoo. Post pics
    i got a dragon facing a tiger on a cliff with flames.

    what year were you born.. i was year of the tiger.

    or you can always go horror them like my other arm. lol

    fires cool put somehting with it.

  5. Pin up lady's are always a good tat addition
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