How to treat Keloid scars ? HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!

  1. How to treat Keloid scars ? HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!

    I burnt myself and I got an ugly keloid scar on my arm and I want to get rid of it,

    Any way to let this ugly bitch go without surgery ? does igf1 help ?

  2. I have a couple scars on my sternum that I believe are keloids caused from very severe acne. I would be very hesitant to look into surgical removal as there is a very possible and perhaps probable likelihood that keloids will return and be larger than they originally were. Some Mederma may be worth looking into. Also I hear laser treatments, and reductions are available. Dont know much about them so just be cautious, alot of dermatologists will probably tell you that the possiblility a keloid will return is minimal. They have to make money though, so it can be hard to judge whether a paitient's well being is truly on their mind. I had another keloid on my back. Several years have passed and its barely noticeable. So it could just be a time thing man

  3. the silicon patches will help reduce how it looks. although you are young still so it probably will fade over time too

  4. u need snake bile from the UK

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