Stretch marks.

  1. Stretch marks.

    When I was training about a year or so ago, I developed very bad stretch marks on my arms, legs and stomach. They look minging. Does anyone know any good lotions to tone down the red-ness on them? If I start training again, will they get worse? Thanks.

  2. usually coco butter helps but it never worked for me. but this weightloss topical amilean helped a lot for me and lost some bf
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  3. surgery can get rid of them.
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  4. I don't call them stretch mark I call them growth marks rock em proudly!!

  5. Doesnt the planet carry something like this, type "Soap" into their search, and there looks like a couple different lotions you could try.. Either that or go to some local natural supplement store.

  6. Stretch marks are mostly treated like any other scar. Usually with "Peel and Heal" methods. Salicylic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) are used in lotions and have a light peeling action when applied to the skin that helps diminish scar tissue and discoloration over time.If your light skinned and they came out recently there's a good chance they are fairly red, not much u can do about the redness tho except for coco butter. They will never disappear completely but they do get a lot better. Plus, if it's from weight training I agree with the other guy, don't get down, rock em proudly.

  7. Instead of using creams, you can try these simple home remedies to remove stretch marks. Regular exercise, vitamin C & E diet, massage with Vitamin E oil or lime juice and apply cocoa butter or elastin cream as directed on the label.


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