airborne school was terrible...

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  1. Stand up hook up slide 'em down a rope Air Assault troopers ain't nuttin but a joke.

  2. and when is it you airborne slugs do anything in combat? hmmmmmm its been a long time hasnt it... thats right cause theyll blow you out of the sky while you are coming down......

    AIR ASSLT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    and when is it you airborne slugs do anything in combat? hmmmmmm its been a long time hasnt it... thats right cause theyll blow you out of the sky while you are coming down......

    AIR ASSLT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hehe 173rd jumped into Iraq.Can you say mustard stain .Plus Airborne 11hs do all the air assault stuff even without the badge .

  5. and how far outside of a combat region was that, lets say no where near!!! its ok i understand you got into the wrong field...

  6. Oh well the little rifle above those badges means more to me.Can you say EIB?

  7. EIB or CIB are good to go in my book... and so are jump wings, and air assault wings also...

  8. where did you get your EIB? i wont lie it took me like 3 times but i finally got it. when i went for it in korea my grenade landed in the mud and screwed me over.......

  9. GG to tell the true.. I missed getting mine by one freakin station.. I was on the last one range estimation and I missed it by a few too many meters.. found out later I needed glasses.. go figure.. that was my last year in Germany, then I get to freakin Ft. Lewis and my battalion never does the setup for it.. so I got only 2 chances, my two years in GE to attempt it.. and both times, I get fragged on something simple.. the year before that was damn gas mask drill, I wasn't paying close attention and did hear the go. So I am an allround screwup... did the damn road marches though.. .

  10. Got mine at Bragg. I was a lowly E2.My squad leader told me"don't get your hopes up".I had only been there 3 or 4 months.I had to prove him wrong.I was blade running.I no-goed claymore the first time.Another "badge protector" tried to get me on my next go,but the NCO of the station called in the CSM and he said I was a go.I no-goed another station,but I can't for the life of me remeber what it was.Only 4 enlisted guys got their's that year.I think only about 60 or 70 for the battalion

  11. good job.. we never had that many to get their EIB's and it is funny how I can remember just about everything from that whole week... we did our at the end of a "short" field problem.. I had the best time of the night land navigation...

  12. Hehe I remember when we were praticing for night land nav.There were 3 or 4 guys together.We got to a point and no one had a flashlight.So I came with the idea to use a lightning bug. Worked like a chram.Oh yeah it had rained recently too.I ended up in mud up to my hips a few times.

  13. how about that road march at the end.... that sucked ass!!!!!! and then clearing the rifle.....

  14. I really never did mind the damn road marches.. the bad thing was, that you had to do the road march no matter if you no-goed or not.. that was a pisser

  15. Hmm really only the go people had to do ours.We did 15 milers at least once every quarter and a 30 miler once a year.Ow my feet.

  16. i tell ya people that have never been in the military have no idea........ those road marches are a mo-fo and i would give anything to see half of the people i work with try and do even half of a 18 miler....

    hey red devil when did you get out?

  17. I went on terminal leave Dec 31,1999.My actual ETS was feb 28,2000.Hey good_guy is that a personal pic in your avatar?

  18. geez young ins.. I was on terminal leave Feb 1990.. I just barely missed a trip to the Gulf..

  19. its not my pic but its from a friend in my old unit.... he was a wicked photographer... it was out in california at a old nat. guard base. i got off active around june of 94...

    isnt the 11h mos discontinued i thought they changed all 11 series to 11 x-ray is that true.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Air Assault is where it's at..
    THAT's the 101st or 82nd??

  21. Quote Originally Posted by toastynoodles
    THAT's the 101st or 82nd??
    101st trained at Ft. Campbell, did Pathfinder a month later..

  22. Xray was the unassigned 11 series.. all of us in my company had that when we first went in.. it wouldn't make sense to make any RA 11X while on active duty, too much specialized training for both TOW and Bradley crew IMO

  23. 11x is just what they list you at enlistment-unassigned.My first day "down range" at basic they called 15 guys names from my platoon and had us line up against a wall.Then they said you are going to be 11hs.Bradley guys are 11m.

  24. hmm i guess i was lied to by the new boots.... that is cool 11h still has its own identifier. god do i miss that **** sometimes... now the coolest thing we use is the mark-19.... bad ass piece of steel!!!

  25. I never got to use the mark much i Was a .50 gunner.A damn good one if I must say


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