Ok, first of all, I would like to preface this by saying that I am NOT rubbing this in anyone's face.. I simply got a twist of good fortune and I'm trying to make the best of it.

I have a neighbor in my complex who's heading out for 14 months overseas to Kuwait, so he's moving out. He had a garage sale in the complex to sell all his stuff. Among his things, he had a GOLD MINE of supplements that he, I guess had just collected and held onto. I pretty much bought all he had except for some Muscletech stuff.

I would like some help in designing the best possible stack(s) for the coming months. I need some experienced minds here. I know a lot about stacking, but I was thinking that some of you guys could help maximize the progress I make.. you know, running synergistic cycles of different things, (anabolics and PCT, pre/during/postworkout cycles).. Maybe if you help me out, you can PM me and if there's something in this list you may want, we can talk. Here is the list:

NO- Explode NT packs (1 box)
Cell Mass NT packs(1 box)
LG Sciences Anadraulic Pump (1 bottle)
Hemo Rage Black (1 bottle)
Xyience NOX CG3 (2 bottles)
Controlled labs White Flood(1 bottle)
SizeON(1 bottle)
Plasmajet (1 box)
NO2 Black(2 bottles)
NaNO X9 Hardcore (1 bottle)
Twin Labs Nitric Fuel(2 bottles)
AX AXCell BCAA(1 bottle)
Halodrol MT (2 boxes)
SPR Oxyguno(2 bottles)
SPR Furaguno(2 bottles)
Controlled Labs Blue Gene(1 bottle)
USP Labs TNA(1 bottle)
USP Labs Prime (5 bottles)
Methyl 1-D XL (1 bottle)

Pro NOS protein(1 bottle)
Lipotropic protein(1 bottle)
A pack of Carnivor protein shots

some of the bottle are a little used or half used. I know that's a lot of stuff... I was just hoping some of you guys might help me design a few months' plan of stacking. Thanks in advance guys!