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    New Board!

    Pudgy has opened up a new board He has spent a good deal of energy in gathering up talent in different areas so the board is extremely well rounded. Areas of interest are Martial Science & Self Defense forums, Physique & Performance Enhancing Chemicals forums covering IGF, steroids, and Prohormones, an excellent profiles sections, BB pictures section, Contest preparation, training, and my favorite the conversions section. This is a female friendly site with both general and private forums for the ladies.

    Moderators : female newgirl, Thaigrl, kel, Torchy, Jeepgirl. Males : Turkish, Auriflex, Archenemy, goldenear, Skyefire, superhvyfreak, RF426, DANABOLIC, stonecold54. Admin: Pudgy and Scorpio (El Fuego actually )

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    I'll check it out.See alot of familiar faces.
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    Looking good from what ive seen so far.

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