what a Saturday

  1. what a Saturday

    I'm sleeping like a baby and guess who wakes me up....My parole officer at 930am. She jus came back from vacation and jus felt the need to come by and get some of my urine.... Even though I'm on parole for distrbuting controlled substances not using them... Your tax dollars hard at work!!! The type of drug screen they do as well as the lab they use costs 200 bucks a pop......waste of money when California is in a huge defecit already.....sad....on a good note my piss is cleaner than a freshly dry cleaned shirt

  2. LOL, must have been a WTF moment before you knew why she was there. "Crap, now what'd I do?"

  3. Damn, you gotta be a saint to get off that. I had a cousin that did an extra 2 and a half years off parole violations in CA.

  4. well now do to the budget most of us get off in a year or less....whats sad is that since I got out 3 months ago, I get followed around by undercover cops along with a cell phone tap....It makes me feel like I was this huge figure in the underworld....I didn't think I was but hey others perception is your reality...All I do now is go the the gym and eat!!! Life is good!!!
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