Whats your ethnic background?

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  1. Whats your ethnic background?

    Both your mom and dad

    Mine is...
    Dad German
    Mom French

  2. BMCLouzee
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    Mom: Filipina
    Dad: Filipino

    Dig deep and you'll also find some Indian.

    But all in all, I'm proud to say I am more American than anything else.

    USA! USA! USA!

  3. Dad - American
    Mom - American

    Dad's side - American / American
    Mom's side - American / American

    After that, it gets more spicey.

    Dad's side - German, Czech, just a smallest smidge of Irish
    Mom's side - Russian, German, Italian, Austrian

    I guess that makes me one big blonde/blue arian SOB? Nah... American!!
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  4. DAD-Mexican

    Moms Parents-filipino, german, italian

    Dads Parents- Mexican, puerto rican

  5. Mom side,aztec mexican,spaniard,austrian Dad spaniard,italian,but i look hispanic,mexican,but proud to be AMERICAN!!

  6. Irish, British, and some Native American (Blackfoot) that snuck in there somewhere.

    American, first and foremost.

  7. My Father: Mother born in Norway/Father born in Sweden

    My Mother: Both parents born in Norway/ had dual citizenship

    Me:US citizen of Norwegian descent. Could have had dual citizenship but never claimed it.

    My last name ends in -sson. My handle was my maternal grandfather's name. His father was born in Calw, Germany and moved to Norway.

  8. Parents: Mexican, ancestors: Mexican/Spanish

    100% beaner homies

  9. Mother: From italy, 100% Italian (Italian Citizen)
    Father: Born Here, 50% Italian, 50% Greek

    That makes me 75% Italian, 25% Greek, American Citizen (I actually by default Italian law, am a dual citizen due to my mother)
    Just inject.

  10. I'm related to Custer. I don't know if that's anything to brag about or not.


  11. half Polish, half Welsh/British

  12. Scottish and Native American and British I believe

  13. Irish and German

  14. I am American, born in the state of Texas.

    Ethnic background that I know of:

    Mom's Side - German, English, Cherokee (tiny amount), and rumor of some Russian

    Dad's Side - Scottish, Irish, I think some English

    Earliest family known to migrate to U.S. - My Dad's side has ancestors that have been here since the Revolutionary War (1700's).

    Latest family known to migrate to U.S. - My Mother's Father's parents migrated from Germany. My Mother's Father was born in the U.S. in 1918, so his parents migrated some time before then...

  15. Quote Originally Posted by n8te View Post
    Scottish and Native American and British I believe
    You're a good man for separating the Scots and the Brits.

  16. On mom's side....Russian and Romanian
    On dad's side.....I am first generation from England. Working on a family tree with a cousin in London and actually just got my great grandparents marriage certificate from 1903. Very cool. Still trying to see where they were from if not London. Also learned my 2 great/great grandfathers names
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  17. Magic

  18. Like many of you, I am proud to say I am American! Can't claim much else after 3 generations of family being here.

    Mom - 100% German
    Dad - 50% Irish / 50% Dutch
    Me - Western European mutt that loves German food, Irish beer, and the Dutch laid back way of life (and a few other aspects ). I would say they all came together to make a fine Chicago born American if I may say so myself, lol!

  19. German, Irish, Mexican - Traces of lots of other things. I call myself a genetic allstar.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by TexasTitan View Post
    I call myself a genetic allstar.
    I prefer "Hybrid Vigor."

  21. Mom: German, German
    Dad: German, either German, Austria, or Bohemian

    I say at least 75 % german if not more. fact is the unsure side came over from Austria to Baltimore in the early 1900's

    A couple people have commented after they learned I was German that I look Swedish, or Danish.

    so nothing is for sure but from family ancestors and asking my grand parents where I am from I just basically say Germanic backround
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  23. white/whiter


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