**** my back

  1. **** my back

    I hurt my back last week doing deads. It was stupid; I let the weight go forward and after having hurt my back a few years earlier (bad posture sitting at the computer all day) I felt a stabbing pain and BAM I was out of commission for a bit.

    Yesterday was the second day I had zero back pain since I was doing the chiro exercises I did before when I hurt my back. I did some light deadlifting, being very careful with my form.

    I woke up today and my back still felt awesome. If anything the deadlifting yesterday helped. As I was watching TV, laying down and relaxing, I felt a sneeze.

    That sneeze popped my back again, and I'm in pain.


  2. lol I havent hurt my back doing deads but I have hurt my forearms doing deads, was pretty dumb was heavy weight I forgot what it was and the weight was slipping slowly out of my grip and I wasnt using straps So I was doing it with my fingers holding the weight.
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