Props to everyone here

  1. Thumbs up Props to everyone here

    Not to sound kiss-ass, but rather to assert real talk, thanks to everyone here and to this forum, I'm really happy I stumbled upon it. I belong/ed to a couple other forums and perused through many over time and since joining/loitering (lol) here I've been struck by a vibe of positivity, optimism, thoughtful+knowledgeable advice, open-mindedness, n a general lack of stupidity and/or bashing of other people and their questions/ideas. Etc etc, this place has a good feel to it. It's def one of the oasis' in the desert we call the "web". Jus wanted to show appreciation

  2. hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. Ya this really is a great site, full of helpful members and very informative information

  4. indeed

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