Penis Enlargement Pumps do they work... (serious thread)

  1. Penis Enlargement Pumps do they work... (serious thread)

    It is pretty well known that penis enlargement pills do not work and up till the other day i thoguht the consensus was that pumps did not either. But it seems that wow companies claim to work. These two companies are popping up in all kinds of fitness magazines:

    One is FDA approved and the other is doctor reccommended. Has anyone heard anythign about them or tried them by any chance?

  2. I seriously doubt the claims they make.

  3. If you pump every day for an extended period of time you will become larger in length and girth, but to keep these gains you must pump occasionally.

  4. could we please not have any threads like this.. this is a board that is dedicated to bodybuilding, not penis envy... if you want to ask those types of questions find a new board

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