Religious Question

  1. Religious Question

    As a college student, I'm currently doing a rebuttal paper on my last research paper dealing with religion in public schools, which I had a pretty strong feeling against so nonetheless it was easy to come up with support arguments. Well, as I said, I am now having to switch sides and write a rebuttal of my own paper, and being completely non-religious I cannot come up with any arguments on why religion should be tolerated in schools.

    I'm sure SOMEONE on this board has to be adament about it, so please, if you have any ideas (arguments) on why public school systems should tolerate religion in their facilities, feel free to speak your mind.

    Don't get any wrong ideas, I am NOT looking to plagiarize. I'm just looking for some ideas to get this paper rolling. Also, you could just begin what you say with, "By the way, this is common knowledge and I'm just filling you in..."

  2. You can get some ideas with a thread in this section on the seperation of church and state. Pretty much it goes into how what we know as seperation of church abd state is the exact opposite of what was intended with one's beleifs in a setting such as public schools.

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