What's your favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

  1. What's your favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

    What your favorite Clint Eastwood movie, that Clint was in? It hard for me to decide, since there are still many Clint movies I haven't seen, but as of now I'm going with Dirty Harry.

  2. as director or actor?

  3. I recently saw the "Man with no name" trilogy and "High Plains Drifter" and thought they ruled. I never liked westerns before, but they started an interest in me for spaghetti westerns.

  4. outlaw josey wales

  5. the trouble with Clint Eastwood and its just my opinion, the roles he takes on dont really stretch him as an actor.His physical roles may be demanding -stunts etc , but ive never seen him stretched emotionally.Even in Million dollar baby for about 3/4 of the film , he seemed to speak in a monotone voice and didnt really get annoyed when the girl continued to press him to be her trainer.

    the mood of the film changed about 3/4 of the way through after the accident but even then i felt that he could have given more emotionally.IT was the winner of 4 acadamy awards but there have been instances in the past where the opinions of Hollywood and the press are different to those of the general public.

    im not saying i didnt like the film , i did -it showed a different side to Eastwood but imo an emotional side which needs developing further



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