question on REP POINTS

  1. question on REP POINTS

    Where and how do you accumulate these REP points when another member gives them to you? I have had several members give me the REP points for certain posts. do these just apply automatically the the site moderator. I am just curious on how this works and where these points show up.

  2. if you look below your name just to the right of where it says ONLINE, there is a button that can add to a members Reputation, not sure if they can be taken away by other members though.

  3. Negative reps would take away points, giving reps doesn't. It's the tiny scales icon, to the left of the red triangle.

  4. How does it add to the rep power? I have 67000 rep points.
    How do the green bars accumulate?

  5. Put simply, the more rep points you get, the more green bars you get. Don't worry about the exact #s. I wouldn't put too much stock into rep points anyways.

  6. Thanks, I get it!

  7. i take it you need a certain amount of rep points or posts before you can neg right?

  8. Rep honestly doesnt mean too much. It just generally shows how long a person has been around. And likely if they have given good advice, made people laugh, are likable.

    But some very respected members, awesome people, dont have a crapload of rep. Some of them been here since 05 or the likes and have very few posts compared to some of us who probably are on here too much lol.

    In essence, its just something to make you feel more a part of the community.


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