shareware programs?

  1. shareware programs?

    what shareware programs do you guys use?

  2. Oh man, I've used (or use) a ton of them, programs for what exactly?

  3. Ohh, duh file sharing programs, I thoght you meant shareware in general

    I use kazaalite for everything now. Used to use Grokster, Napster, WinMX, Bearshare, Gnutella, Limewire, Imesh, DirectConnect, Shareaza, name it

    I've boiled it down to my personal favorite is kazaalite. SOm people still swear by WinMX for music though.

  4. Kazaalite is best for music. I use emule for everything else. You can get anything on the ed2k network.

  5. WinMX,Kazaalite, and guntella.

  6. Kazaalite is the best. I have a bunch of others as well. Blubster can be great for music.

  7. Originally posted by windwords7
    Kazaalite is the best. I have a bunch of others as well. Blubster can be great for music.
    is there a difference between kazaa and kazaalite?

  8. Yeah, kazzalite is a trimed down version of the Kazaa, much better and faster.

  9. And without spyware.  Kazaalite is good.  Of course, I haven't found all the dependent libraries for the modern p2p programs, so I've been using IRC fservers, newsgroups, and FTP servers for a while.


    The new KaZaa Lite has everything. It comes bundled with "speed-up", which automatically searches for more users with the file you're downloading. Plus, it automatically sets your participation level to 1,000 (as high as it can go), so you get first priority when downloading from people.
  11. shareaza

    Spyware free Shareaza ... its workin' pretty smooth for me. It also searches the entire gnutella network.

  12. I dumped them all, after Audiogalaxy went down it just wasnt the same to pull **** of the internet.


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