scrotal patch therapy........ WTF!!!!!!!!

  1. scrotal patch therapy........ WTF!!!!!!!!

    Scrotal Testosterone Patch Therapy (Testoderm®)—A 60 cm2 and 40 cm2 Testoderm® patch applied to the scrotum of hypogonadal men resulted in peak concentrations of testosterone with either dose between 3 and 5 hours, and the peak concentrations of testosterone were 12 and 17 nmol/L, respectively. Using this system, 61.5% of patients achieved normal concentrations of testosterone, and 80% had normal levels when the combined concentrations of testosterone plus DHT were measured.51 During prolonged Testoderm therapy, estradiol levels were in the normal range, and DHT concentrations were elevated (Figure 1).23,51-57

    have you guys heard of this, no thank you ...................

  2. I'm so glad you didn't attach a pic to this post

    Anyways, the old testosterone patches were applied to the scrotum. I believe the theory was it is one of the thinnest parts of skin on a male and also it was closest to where testosterone was naturally released in the body. I haven't heard of anything recently where people were still applying them to the scrotum though. Do you have dates for that study?

  3. that would hurt like **** pulling it off!

  4. Just shave your sak and apply your 1-test homebrew! Screw the patch!

  5. holy ****!!!! have you ever had a little transdermal 1 test run down your balls or dick when you were taking a shower! all I can say is

  6. its almost as unpleasant as gettin a lil bengay on your nutz.....yeh thats happened to me - and yes its as bad as you've heard

  7. ME TOO!--burns like a mother****er and that cooling effect sucks too

  8. hahah...yeh it feels like ice on your nutz followed by boiling water

    im not sure if i've ever panicked so much trying to find a washcloth and cold water in my entire life

  9. not trying to be gay or anything but how did you manage to get it there? I had just rubbed some on my shoulder and went to fix my dick and got a big suprise!

  10. LMAO!! hell yeah, that would hurt like hell rippin' that mutha off!!

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. I forgot what I was applying however I forgot to wash my hands and then I decided to give them an itch and it happened. Burned like a mother. It was intense.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by corteztk1982
    not trying to be gay or anything but how did you manage to get it there? I had just rubbed some on my shoulder and went to fix my dick and got a big suprise!
    soar quads and hams after a soccer a little careless and boom, nuts on fire

  13. I knew a kid in my weights class in high school who used them. He got them from a guy for $400... haha what a joke. We'd always be cracking fun at him while he went into the bathroom to drench his balls and pat that patch onto them. All he got was some good backne..


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