Adopting a Child

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  1. Adopting a Child

    As many of you know, I recently had a small stint for strategic purposes downrange. While there, my Team came back from a 5 straight day of sweeps through towns that will remain nameless. The devastation that they encountered was somewhat life-changing for a few of my men. The damage didn't come by our hands, or any precision hits from the Navy/AF. It was done by the f*ckers that we are over there to erase. Anyway, they brought back the lone survivor - a 5 year old little boy. His entire family (which by traditional standards all lived together) was murdered. The little boy, whose name is Daren (DAH-rehn) clung to me and a few others. He actually speaks English very well, for his father was a teacher in town. He loves American Football and Baseball. Since he has no family, the boy was going to be turned over to the orphanage system, which isn't somewhere you would want to be. The scumbags that we hunt steal and sometimes purchase males in order to forcefully train to fight for their cause.
    Long story short: I spoke to my wife and we decided to do what we can to adopt the boy. After a ton of red tape and having some very powerful friends help me out, we heard yesterday that we will be awarded custody of Daren. When we called him yesterday, he was so excited that he was crying. He packed his bag and was sitting near one of out BH saying that he wanted to leave NOW! Hahahaa! We are truly excited to have him. He has a lot to learn about this Country, but he is already telling people that he is going to be a freeman in America.
    My wife and I were going to wait to have our own kids until this time next year. We are still planning on it. This may change our lives, but it's a wanted change. I have so many feelings right now that I cannot even express myself clearly. We will raise him as if he is our own. He's going through vaccinations at a Hospital in Germany as of right now. We're hoping to have him with us by mid-week.
    I just wanted to let you all know.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas gift! The gift of familly. It is a great thing you guys are doing.

  3. keeper
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    TEARS! Wow, that is amazing, Major. The way you told of how he clung was so touching. Your compassion is wonderful. I wsih you and your family all the best with this little man. He is blessed to have found you.

  4. that is great Fin. Congrats to all of you
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  5. jim623
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    Great news Fin, that is awesome, congrats!

    God bless you and your family.

  6. That's such an enormous blessing for the boy, and you will most definitely be blessed in return. That's such great news.

  7. Thank you for your service!

    That is a wonderful thing you are doing, for that boy.

    Our best wishes are with you, and your family.

  8. Amazing. Major, you're a model of what's right in this country.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Amazing. Major, you're a model of what's right in this country.
    Damn man, that means a lot to me.
    Thanks for all the support.

  10. Very compassionate Fin. We are planning to adopt one of our children as well. I commend you on doing your part to give back to the world. A nice spit in the face of all the anti military people claiming we brothers in arms are nothing but baby killers.

    If you did nothing else in your life, you would be marked a hero for this act alone.
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  11. That's awesome Lungz! The best Christmas gift that kid could've hoped for. Too bad we don't hear about more situations like this in our media.

  12. thats fantastic!

  13. You will be blessed dude. That is awesome!

  14. Thats so cool man...I almost can't believe it. Good luck and wish the best for you and your family.
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  15. Thanks for sharing that story with us Fin and God bless you for your generosity and compassion for changing this boys life and giving him a family, may he reward you with endless great memories for you and your family. You're are a great role model Fin

  16. very cool man! Congrats!
  17. tattoopierced1
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    awesome news man

  18. All the best to you, your wife and Daren.

  19. Congrats on the new addition to your family, and thanks for sharing such an uplifting story. It says a lot about your character that you and your wife are willing to commit to this boys future. It thrills me to hear about when people are true to their principles even through war and this crappy economy.

  20. I just spoke to Daren over IN-Chat; he hates the Hospital, but he knows he will be leaving there shortly. He has never been on a plane, so he is nervous. I am flying over on Wednesday to get him and turning right around and coming home. It's going to suck to be on a plane that long; however, I believe that it is worth it.

  21. Will be praying that Daren has a safe and sound flight!
    doing my own thang!

  22. A ranger adopting a middle east kid after what he has seen and his own experiences? You CAN'T make **** like this up, awesome stuff man, he will bring you nothing but joy. Added on top of having a ****ing ranger as his new dad, he will have a great life. Like someone else said, you are what brings out the good in America.

    And to add my own thoughts, I came in this thread expecting to tell you NOT to adopt a kid, because I myself feel I couldn't love or have the same joy over someone elses kid over my own. But after reading your story, I have been proven wrong. I would do it in a heartbeat myself if I went thru the same thing.

  23. Wow, That's and amazing story i cant even imagine how estatic Daren must be, i mean thats truely a great story. Such an amazing thing to do its like from a movie almost.

  24. That's the best thing I've read in a long time. Best wishes to you and yours.

  25. Very sweet, happy holidays to you and your family

    RIP Ryan, :(


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