Let the Madness of March begin

  1. Let the Madness of March begin

    Number 1 seeds
    St. Joesph's

    Okay let's play a little Sesame Street, which one of these does not belong with the others?

  2. St. Joe's does not belong.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by size
    St. Joe's does not belong.
    Amen to that.

    My Final Four picks are Oklahoma St., Duke, Stanford, Kentucky. Duke beats Kentucky in the Final.

  4. a team's success in the dance usually comes down to great front court play, rebounding, and points beyond the arc. St. Joes has 2 of the 3, something only a dozen teams or so can really claim to have. They will do fine.... but I do believe they will be knocked off in the round of 16 by Wake. (if my bracketology mind serves me right). Dont sleep on Pitt (even with their ass draw to match up against an underrated wisconsin in wisconsin), Okl St, and Providence. My champion is Kentucky. The Huskies would have been my pick to go all the way (UW and not UConn) but that would have been plain stupid and being a Homer...... GO DAWGS

  5. My Final Four: UNC, UCONN, OK. ST, Georgia Tech
    Uconn takes Georgia Tech in the Finals

    i think UNC / Duke is a toss up.
    UNC has to get there first.

  6. Well, Florida already damaged my bracket. Can't believe they got spanked by 15 points against Manhattan

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Well, Florida already damaged my bracket. Can't believe they got spanked by 15 points against Manhattan
    YEah bro, I was amazed by that too. As much as I hate to say it, it pays to be honest. Plus, I won' t feel like going out and shooting myself afterwards. But Pitt ain't goin to far. I honestly think wisconsin will beat them next game. Pitt hasn't been able to make shots recently, plus they absolutely suck at free throws. Julius Page is up his own a$$ with excuses, they keep relying on their defense, etc. etc. You can win with a defense no doubt, but teams that win, do so with what sage said. You got it right brother, and Pitt doesn't.

    My final four will be Illinois, Kentucky, Uconn, Texas.
    (I know, I must be crazy, right? LOL)

  8. I had the Jaspers, I goto Florida and I will be the first to tell you how soft Matt Walsh is. The whole team is disorganized. Players leave the team, transfer, go to Europe. Roberson is Florida's best player. Donovon is a great recruiter and can't coach the talent. Reminds me of Mack Brown and Texas Football. Jaspers have city kids from the New York area. A degree of toughness Florida's size just couldn't handle.
    That's why I like Pitt, the whole team (almost) in from NYC, but I'd be surprised if they beat Oklahoma St.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    That's why I like Pitt, the whole team (almost) in from NYC, but I'd be surprised if they beat Oklahoma St.
    Yeah, Krauser's the $hit....

  10. Stanford choked dammit. I gotta stop being such a homer, I knew they were too soft coming into the tourney.

  11. Pitt looked like $hit the other night just like I predicted. Page was what, 1 of 11? They didn't even deserve the W last night.

    Enjoyed Texas/UNC game, I'm telli' ya, watch out for those longhorns.

  12. Stanford didn't really choked they got choked.... Alabama kept having the looks at the first of the 2nd half but could not get the ball to drop but when they did... you saw the results.. Alabama has been playing like that most of the year but last night was just extreme for them

  13. Neither Stanford or Gonzaga were accustomed to playing tough temas. Hence, they both lost when pressured.

  14. Kentucky choked it away too, that surprises me even more than Stanford choking. Only Duke and Oklahoma State are my 2 Final Four picks still alive.

  15. Wow, Oklahoma State is gonna be a battle. They got moves that don't lose...

  16. hah Stanford soft again.
    I had the Xavier upset... Well on my way to winning my bracket. UNC let me down.
    The team to win the tournament usually has a guy who will go very high in the NBA draft (at some point) Josh Childress? Nick Robertson? Stanford players? total busts. (usually)


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