Just got some bad news.

  1. Just got some bad news.

    I was just got called by my stepfather who told me that a friend of mine was killed today during a race at the track. My stepfather works with him on a daliy basis and called me to let me know before I hear about it in the morning. I worked with this guy alot and he was a great person to know. He was a great father, a great husband, and a wonderful human being. Its sad because he was only going to be celebrating his 45th bday tomarrow. Life is easily taken. Make of it what you can. God bless him and may he rest in peace.

    Roy W. Weaver


  2. Sorry to hear of your friends loss!! I will put a prayer aside for his family as well as for the driver that accidently made this mistake as I am sure it is tuff for him.


  3. Sorry to hear about your loss DB.

  4. Sorry to hear that db

  5. Sorry db.

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  6. sorry for ur loss bd..lost a friend a few months back..
  7. Unhappy

    I think it's just a reminder about our own mortality,we are all just one accident away from not being here anymore,especially bodybuilders if you guy's are like me we think we are invinceable,well at least I do...Very sorry to hear that DB asn prayers to friends and family.....

  8. Yeah, sorry to hear about it DB.

  9. That sucks man, I lost a good friend of mine and next door neighbor on thanksgiving he was 22.

  10. Sad to hear DB. Will pray for your friend bro. There's no ideal age for dying IMO, but 45 is way too early.


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