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  1. Buehrle is going to retire in a couple of years. Fam is more important to him.

    He could be the last pitcher to make it "near or beyond" 300 wins IMO with his stuff. Workhorse year in and year out, smooth delivery.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by JW32Hoops View Post
    Man, even though he's thrown the no-no and the perfecto.....he just doesn't seem like "one of those guys" that would come up with HOF talk to me. But, I think you're right...if you can pitch your way to 200 W's and 2,000 K's with a good ERA and a ring on your finger....just might get in.
    Yep, got the ring - and played a huge role for their championship squad.

    He's definitely a sneaky prospect for the HOF, but like you said - how do you say no to that resume?

    Also, this has only been the 18th perfect game in MLB HISTORY!!! That's nuts.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    Also, this has only been the 18th perfect game in MLB HISTORY!!! That's nuts.
    And the first in 5 years after Big Unit.



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