Discussing somatype changes and getting older...

  1. Discussing somatype changes and getting older...

    I have a question primarily for the older bros on the boards that have basically started lifting in their early twenties and have so since their late twenties.

    I have been training on a consistent basis for about two years now. I worked out in high school for football, etc. off and on. In these last two or so years, I went from an athletic 150-160lb. drug user/partier to a bulky 240lb'er with the help of like 4 really short two-week PH cycles, except the one I'm on right now from Sldge. Anyways, recently I have noticed that I am having an easier time maintaining muscle than before to a very noticeable extent. IOW's, I have had to put my time in at the dinner table no doubt. I have to usually eat around 6000 cals right now to gain any kinds of mass. Maintenance for me is usually around 5000 cals or so.

    So what I'm basically trying to ask here is have you older guys noticed that when you hit a certain age after training for awhile you were able to lower your cals and eat less to gain mass? Was it pretty abrupt ie, all of the sudden you noticed that you were gaining fat and muscle easier even at lower than normal calorie levels? I just though that this would be an interesting discussion for matching up personal experiences. It would be cool as hell if I could just get my past hardgaining somatype to somewhat morph into more of a meso. And I'm also wondering when the body is used to being in a low level BF and have more LBM than the average Joe, would it be easier to maintain and sort of switch the natural somatype that its used to.

    So, how many people have I put to sleep?

    Anybody wanna chime in?

  2. I think I first noticed it about 28 or so..
    and to answer your question.. I do believe if you have lower BF levels and keep at it to a degree then they will stay lower, but again diet is the key..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    I think I first noticed it about 28 or so..
    and to answer your question.. I do believe if you have lower BF levels and keep at it to a degree then they will stay lower, but again diet is the key..
    28, eh? Thats not too bad at all. My father turned 51 this past December and he's been working out for like 3 or 4 years since he finally has the time after getting done raising us kids. He puts most guys my age to shame with his build including myself. I'm amazed at how easy it is for him to put on quality mass and then lose it whenever he feels like it, in comparision to myself. It gets frustrating at times, most dudes have competiton with their siblings or cousins, not their 50+ year old faddas.

    I remember reading somewhere that what I spoke of and you replied to in regards to the lower fat maintaining thing, I'll have to try and find that article, it was a good read.

  4. that is what I see.. the guys that have workouted for a while before a long long layoff, the age doesn't seem to matter that much.. I mean I have to watch my diet closer now, not that I am that much, but if you do it goes great.. in most cases...

  5. I'm 29 and I've noticed over the past year or 2 that it's much easier for me to gain & retain muscle. I have been the same height (6ft) since I was 14, & about 135 lbs. I'm now around 220 at 10% BF. It was a bitch to get there, but it seems so much easier now than even a few years ago.

  6. I was always a hardgainer till I was around 23. At that point I could gain muscle and or lose fat at will. About when I hit 30 I noticed that it became a bit more difficult to due so (especially lose fat). Now at age 33 it seems like a much slower process to lose weight and maintain. Muscle still seems to be easy to add, but that waistline is a stubborn [email protected]%$!
    Hope this helps you a little.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts....I guess that the normal age range would be mid to late twenties then. But, OTOH, once you get to an older age, your GH levels decrease daily, fat burning capabilities also take a downward turn as a result.


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