Evedence Destroyer

  1. Evedence Destroyer

    Anyone know where I can d/l a good program to clean my computer of past e-mails, etc?

  2. Any version of Eraser will do. I've got 5.3 and 5.7 but I think 6.0 is out now. Not even the NSA will be able to get anything off your hard drive with this program.

    Norton makes another program called Wipe Info that is packaged with Norton Utitilites that uses the exact same program the NSA uses to wipe any sensitive data from their computers.

  3. Thanks bro. I'll have to look for those.

  4. For Eraser:

    You can set it to wipe either at Gov. standard (7 passes), or an unheard of 35 passes.. You won't find **** after this one..

  5. What do they delete? Or do you choose what it goes through and deletes?

  6. You can use it to delete anything, or set it to automatically delete certain things.. I only use it to shred emails, or if someone sends me something I have to download, I makek a back-up copy then shred it.. There's alot you can do with this program, I hardly use half of it..

  7. I d/led the program and erased all free space on my HD, cookies, and temp folder. Anything else I need to erase to be sure my PC is clean?

  8. That sounds fine. You might want to got to Xblock.com and download the free version of X-cleaner. It will clean out all of the history folders in your browsers and search for spy programs, stuff like that, that you might have missed. It's a real small program, will fit on 3.5" floppy, so you can take it to work and run it there too. That way you will know what spy programs your boss has on your computer.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by candle25
    I d/led the program and erased all free space on my HD, cookies, and temp folder. Anything else I need to erase to be sure my PC is clean?
    If you are worried about your surfing history then yes. Make sure your program cleans the index.dat files. You can manually delete them but it requires quite a bit of work and typing and it is beyond the capabilities of the average user. Evidence Eliminator, Privasy Eraser, Tracks Eraser, and Window Washer all do a great job. You can crack them and use them for free after the trial period if you wish.
    Check out Shareware versions

    Freeware versions

  10. Great info bros. I've made good use of it all.


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